Metatropolis Reviews; Award Pimp Addendum

Two new reviews of Metatropolis in the last week. The first, over at Green Man Review, is ecstatic (“METAtropolis will win a Hugo if there’s any justice in the universe. Yes, it’s that good”); the second, at Strange Horizons, is somewhat more tempered. It’s nice to see people still talking about our little project in any event.

Also, and related, when I did my Award Pimpage 2009 post earlier in the week, I left off my Metatropolis novella “Utere Nihil Non Extra Quiritationem Suis,” because I wasn’t sure whether being read as an audio production qualified as “publication” for the purposes of the Hugos and other relevant awards. I have since been assured by people who would know that, indeed, audio presentation qualifies as publication, so I’ve added it as something for folks to consider when they’re considering their nominations.

That said, if you are considering my novella here, I hope you will strongly consider the other stories in the collection as well, since (putting on my editor hat), of the five stories in it, mine is the least impressive. Mind you, I think my story is perfectly good. I just think the others are better. Also remember that for the Hugos you can consider the whole audio project for Best Dramatic Presentation, Long Form. Which would be a kick, and would keep you from filling in that last Dramatic Presentation, Long Form slot with Space Chimps. Which would be its own reward, I’d say.

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