The Printed Metatropolis

It’s been a busy day for updates about Metatropolis, and here’s the biggest update of all, which is also one of my big January announcements:

I’m pleased to announce that Subterranean Press is taking pre-orders for the printed, hardcover version of the Metatropolis anthology, which will ship this August. It includes all the stories in the audio version of the anthology, now in handy-dandy printed form. You know, for those of you who prefer the voices inside your head, the not the ones brought in from the outside.

This version comes in two flavors: the standard hardcover edition, and the special, signed limited, which will feature the signatures of all the authors (Elizabeth Bear, Tobias Buckell, Jay Lake, Karl Schroeder, and me). There will be only 200 copies of the signed, limited edition, so if you want it, the time to get it is pretty much now.

I’m really excited to have this version of Metatropolis coming up, because while I’m obviously biased, I think the anthology well and truly rocks, and I’m happy it’ll be available in both print and audio. Also, having seen the layout and design of the printed version, I can tell you that this is one pretty book. You’re going to want to hold and pet it and give it a special name. Trust me on this one.

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  1. Excellent! Maybe this way I’ll get to it. I had the audio version of “Metatropolis” before the holidays, and I only found time to listen to the very first part of the first story. I am horrible at audio books.

  2. “Other (leave in comments) 2% (16 votes)


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    (You should be ashamed.)

  3. Neat. I purchased but haven’t listened to the audiobook yet. Like Tim @#5, I’m not good at audiobooks either. I don’t have a long enough commute(cue the violins) and can’t imagine concentrating with the kids in the car. You’ve probably got a strip of bacon bookmark for the print version, too.

  4. The voices inside my head are telling me I must buy this to hear more voices inside my head.

    I think it’s a conspiracy.

  5. Joy! Also, am I the only one who can’t help but read the title as “MEATROPOLIS”?

    Patrick @7, you should be ashamed.

  6. I think the larger question is – with all this short fiction slinking out one little bit at a time, and much of it going out of print:

    Wither the Scalzi short fiction collection?

  7. Glad it’s going to see tangibility, but a shame the cover art isn’t nearly as good as the audio version.

  8. Good. I really like the idea of audiobooks, but I just never listen to the dang things. (My mom is nearly blind from macular degeneration, and loves ’em. My optometrist tells me that’s hereditary, so I may come to appreciate them more in future…) (That’s terrible sentence. Sorry.)

  9. Yep. I always read it as MEATatropolis.

    I wonder what Meatatropolis would be like? I suppose the Bacon District would be north of the Tenderloin, and city hall would of course be in the Pork Barrel.

  10. Since DG Lewis @10 brought up voices in one’s head, I thought this wasn’t too OT: finally in print, after decades lost, Jack Torrance’s final novel All Work and No Play…, an 80-page novella which the publisher describes as a struggle “against the Sisyphusean sentence. It’s that metatextual struggle of Man vs. Typewriter…”

    Sounds good.

  11. mensley @16: And you’d have all the rich folks up in The Filet, I guess, looking down at the middle classes along Ribeye Ridge.

  12. Is Metatropolis going to end up with a perhaps slightly cheaper paperback version or are these likely to be the only in-print editions?

  13. Patrick probably has RSS like me where if you click on the survey takes you to a 3rd party site where comments are disabled there but the option says leave comments.

    I had to hit whatever itself to understand to leave comments in the whatever thread and not the survey website. RSS feed can misdirect you on this one.

  14. EVERY single time I see the word ‘metatropolis’, I think it’s “Meat-tropolis’. Every. Single. Time.

  15. Well, looks like there are only 199 limited edition copies left.

    I just wish I knew where I am going to be living in August…

  16. Ok, sure, fine, I might as well just have my employer wire every other paycheck to Subterranean Press. This isn’t helping.

  17. Slightly OT and several days late, but I wanted to say that I bought my husband the audio version of Metatropolis for Christmas, and he liked it a lot. He especially praised Our Esteemed Host’s contribution, saying that Mr. Scalzi “laid out the story in a straightforward fashion that made it easy to read”.

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