Like Being Big in Japan, Only More Teutonic

Hey, look what’s the #1 science fiction novel at Amazon Germany right this very second:

That would be the German version of The Android’s Dream, in case you were wondering. Which makes me sehr gl├╝cklich (that’s “very happy”), if you must know. I love TAD to little bits, but it’s had a tendency to be overshadowed by the Old Man’s War books. It’s nice to see it getting its moment in the sun, even if it had to go overseas for it.

Winter Cats

Or, when cats pose for their folk album cover.

This is Your Brain on Cities

The Boston Globe looks at how cities hurt your brain. I would not be entirely surprised to discover that the Internet enervates the brain in very much the same ways, which may explain why I’ve taken to yanking out the DSL line in the mornings until I’ve written a sufficient amount of pay copy for the day.