Winter Cats

Or, when cats pose for their folk album cover.

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  1. O Great Scalzi, what an excellent series of pictures of TempCat Zeus and what a poor series of pictures of Magnificent She.

    And neither one is actually centered in the frame. Have you forgotten everything the Executive Committee has taught you?

    Try again. Right now.

    The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club

  2. I’m sure Ghlaghlee has mastered the trick of pressing her nose to the ice-cold window, then sticking it in your ear for a nice shrieking wake-up call.

    If not, wait.

  3. “Righto chaps, the world take-over is postponed till the summer”.

    How are cats with snow? My cat, Copernicus, like many cats doesn’t like getting wet. Except when it rains. He thinks nothing of sitting out on the balcony in the rain when it suits.

  4. If we are to believe Eric Cartman, these would also serve as covers for contemporary Christian albums.

  5. @top: Zeus Scalzi Sings Gordon Lightfoot, “If You Could Read My Mind (You’d Never Close Your Eyes)”

    @bottom: Mitch & Mickey, “A Kiss at the (Seafood Bl)End of the Rainbow”

  6. I am constantly amused at how many closet Gordon Lightfoot fans read your blog…

    me? He’s been a family favorites since about, oh, the mid ’60’s or so. We were playing tourist in Niagara Falls, Canadian side, having lunch in Skylon Tower, and he was taping a spot for Canadian TV. “Long River” with the Niagara River & the Falls in the background.

    We liked what we heard and soon the parents started picking up his records. Still do. I’ve been know to drive roommates nutz with his records.

  7. Wendy@12: Ooooh, uhm, no, not on my part. Apologies for the confusion; I was merely making a really strained pun on the idea of cats being light on their feet. No, my tastes in folk music run more to the mellifluous warbling of a Glen Yarbrough. “Baby, the rain must fall / Baby, the wind must blow…”

    ::kicks old 45 of “Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald” under sofa::

  8. … and it becomes immediately apparent that I don’t even know the difference between folk and country. That or my reading comprehension skills are atrocious.

  9. WendyB_09 @12. Re: Gordon Lightfoot. My dad went to school with him– they were in the same grade, and both warmed the bench during high school football. My dad says that their high school put on Gilbert and Sullivan musicals each year, and that Lightfoot was in all of them.

    Sorry for the OT comment. I’ll crawl back under my rock now.

  10. Think early Bob Dylan.

    “How many meows must a poor kitty sing
    before s/he is fed by the man?
    The answer, my friend, is in the empty bowls.
    The answer is till the bowl is filled.”

  11. That last one is a dead ringer for Sonny and Cher’s “I got you, Babe” only Zeus is changing it slightly to “I’m gonna get you, Babe”.
    Gosh, I’m old!!

  12. They’re probably thinking how lucky they are to be inside. My two cats love to stare outside the sliding door, but if I open it, they flee to the warmth of the furthest room (dinning room) where they can still see me, glaring as if saying, “We’re just looking, you stupid human. Sheesh! Shut the damn door!”

  13. Wow you can clearly see in those pics how much Zeus has grown since he showed up at your place. Becoming a most handsome gentleman/nip addict. ;)

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