Announcements, 1/12/09

Hey, you like announcements.

1. Posting may be light through the 26th or so, because I am doing what is technically called “a metric buttload” of travel, basically traveling the width and breadth of this great continent of ours, doing whatever it is that I do when you guys aren’t looking (and what do I do when you’re not looking? Oh, my, friends. I do so very many things). So for part of that time I will be away, and when I’m not away, I’m likely to be home sleeping, since travel takes it out of me these days. All of which suggests that posting here might be lighter than usual. But, hey. Who knows. Maybe travel madness will strike and I’ll post every fifteen minutes. You never know. Especially now that I have my netbook and smartphone.

2. Where am I going and what will I be doing? Well, you’ll likely find out sooner or later. On the other hand you know for sure I’m going to be in San Francisco on January 16th, on account that I’m doing a reading with Mary Robinette Kowal that evening at 7pm, at Borderlands Books. If you’re in the Bay Area and would like to see me, that would be a lovely place and time, hint, hint.

3. Also, those of you attending this year’s ConFusion convention may also see me, since I’ll be there. I should note, however, that I’m not doing any programming this year; I’m going strictly as a civilian. Why, you ask? Well, one, because I’ll have just done a metric buttload of travel, doing all the things I do when you people aren’t looking, and I’m likely to be fairly burnt, and just looking to relax rather than hopping from panel to panel. And two, you know what, I’ve never actually been to a convention where I wasn’t working, and I thought it might be nice to see how it might be to try a convention from the other side. Anyway, rumor is I have a Hugo for being a fan. Maybe I should try being one, for once. And since ConFusion’s guests this year include Cat Rambo, Cory Doctorow, Kelly Armstrong, and other big name writers whose names start with a “k” sound, it’s a good year for me to try that (that said, yes, I’ll be happy to sign books and etc). In any event, if you’re looking for me at ConFusion, the bar’s a smart place to look. Come say hello.

4. There’s a lovely review of Agent to the Stars from the Sunday St. Louis Post-Dispatch, which gives the book points for being funny but also notes that “between the comic moments, there is a well-conceived, first-rate novel about expectations and the power of perception.” Well, shucks. I do try.

5. Finally, yes, everyone, I’ve seen the “Bacon Explosion.” Y’all can stop sending it now. Also, a reminder: Your passionate need to tell me about every single bacon-related thing on the Internet is why I created the Canonical Bacon Page. Use it! Love it! Live it.

19 Comments on “Announcements, 1/12/09”

  1. You probably should put the link to the Canonical Bacon Page up under the “Administrivia” sidebar. Just a suggestion…

  2. I believe a metric buttload is roughly 8.5% larger than an imperial buttload.

    It’s that extra 8.5% that sucks.

  3. Bah, nothing soon in Minneapolis, either. Need to get some books signed sometime. (actually, damn, I might have to buy a book to do that, since I think i ebooked most of them through fictionwise or something)

  4. Oh. I had not seen “Bacon Explosion” yet. (I hope the Bacon Police are not listening; I don’t want to have to turn in my license.) Thanks for enlightening me.

  5. The guy who doesn’t drink can be found at the bar.


    I only do that to go make fun of the drunks (Don’t drink either)

  6. Never mind the bacon info. Just be happy we don’t send you every cat-related thing on the internet.

  7. I believe that weeping I heard was Chang, faced with a dearth of Ghlaghghee pics.

    Might i suggest stalking her ghlaghgheeness around the house with a cell phone or digicam and loading glorious results into some scheduled posts strategically timed to appear and regular intervals?

    Or if you want, I can tape bacon to my dog and post it. That should buy you, say, a week’s reprieve from the bacon emails.

    Or it might make things worse.


    Just trying to hook a brother up, yanno?

  8. Hey, poke poke, respond to my email about your plans for five weeks and six days from now, if you would, please.

  9. I read about the Bacon Explosion. Then my arm started to hurt. Now I can’t feel the left side of my body and my heart is making noises like and old Commodore floppy drive (yes, the 1541, not the later models).

    Is this…. good?

  10. Speaking of bacon, our local news reported on a bakery that was adding bacon bits to the tops of their chocolate cupcakes…and that the cupcakes were getting quite popular. Unfortunately, I can’t find the article about it on the station’s website, but the minute they mentioned bacon, I thought of you. lol

  11. I used to work with Kelley Armstrong many years ago (and her brother & sister). If you have a chance to chat with her, she is a lovely person and very fun!

  12. The bar at the Troy Marriott has excellent food. I often eat dinner there at ConFusion — and I don’t drink either.

    See ya!

    Dr. Phil

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