Where is John Scalzi?

Perhaps this picture out my hotel window will give you a clue:

Anyone? Anyone?

I’m having as pretty good day, thanks for asking. I’ll tell you more about it soon. But now I’m off to dinner.


Travel Day Audience Participation Question, 1/13/09

I travel all morning and when I land I go straight into meetings. Seems likely I’ll post here again today late if I post at all.

To keep yourselves amused in my absence, a question:

Name a movie that made you laugh so hard you almost peed yourself. Not just a chuckle. Not just a hearty guffaw. But laughing so much that losing a bodily function or two was a distinct possibility.

Mine: A Fish Called Wanda. Specifically, the dog assassinations. At the last one I really was laughing so much that I was absolutely certain I would let fly all over the floor. The 32 ounces of soda I’d been downing over the course of the movie didn’t help matters much. I’m happy to say I managed to hold it in. Barely. But it was a close, close thing. The rest of the film was pretty darn amusing, too.

Below please to find a clip of the dog assassinations. Note that while amusing in themselves, for full-bore hilarity you really need to see them in the context of the whole film. YouTube is good for some things, but building up to bladder-testing comedy moments isn’t one of them.

Your turn: What movie made you laugh so hard you almost lost it? Tell me. I could use a good laugh.

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