Where is John Scalzi?

Perhaps this picture out my hotel window will give you a clue:

Anyone? Anyone?

I’m having as pretty good day, thanks for asking. I’ll tell you more about it soon. But now I’m off to dinner.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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If I’m not mistaken, you’re in San Fransisco, which seems to be a common theme in books I’ve read recently.
(I mean, I was looking for it in The Mayor of Castro Street: The Life and Times of Harvey Milk, but, then I re-read Little Brother right after, and, while I knew it took place in San Fransisco, I just found it funny that I read two almost entirely unrelated books that took place in the same place. On the other hand, reading the Milk biography gave me an ok understanding of the geography, or at least neighborhoods of San Fran, which in turn allowed me to understand Little Brother better than the first time I read it.

You were enlisted to fight Godzilla, were enlarged to City Destroying Author size, vanquished the lizard but were decapitated in the process, and now your ghostly giant disembodied head haunts the skyline of a city which I don’t recognize?

Welcome to Vancouver, eh! I’m pretty sure that’s the Scotiabank Theatre on Burrard Street, and it looks like you’re between Robson and Smithe, or, in other words, about two and a half blocks away from where I’m working.

You should walk down Burrard to the Community Garden on Davie Street! Get there and ask yourself what sort of crazy town converts valuable downtown real-estate into green-thumb paradise. :)

Well, not Chicago. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear SF doesn’t have snow, but I would be surprised that Vancouver doesn’t. But that’s just because I’m forgetting what a world without snow looks like this winter….

That’s definitely downtown Vancouver. Scotiabank Theatre, and that crane that’s building the Shangri-la-la/whatever condo down there.

Sheraton One Wall is my guess?

How long are you staying? Any chance I can take you out for dinner and get my books autographed? :P

I didn’t immediately think of Godzilla, though I saw the ghostly reflection right off, and my brain dragged me into an alternate perceptive reality wherein I struggled to guess where John could be that had such a realistically detailed model city on display.

You’re in The Future. A place where buildings can reach beyond four stories high, and where individual lights can exist without flame. You’re where the fire is distributed along channels so that people in the towers can partake of the energy. You totally suck for not sharing the Future.

So proud of myself for saying “Canada” in my head before I read the responses. Did make a good effort to locate Chicago landmarks until I realized:
1) theatre is spelled wrong for a U.S. city
2) In Chicago you’d have to have captured some of the ridiculously copious amounts of snow we have on the ground, or in the city the ridiculously dirty copious amounts of snow. Bleh.

Enjoy your trip!

Toledo! City of Industry! Gateway to Bowling Green and Mid-Upper-North-West Ohio!

Home to the Scary Laughing Clown Car Wash, off Rte. 23. Home to unusually good strip-mall Thai food. Home to a wide variety of all-the-same used bookstores. Home to Cedar Point.


Clearly you are in a room in your hotel. You tell us that yourself. But you don’t tell us when you bought yourself a hotel. I knew you were doing well with your writing, but I didn’t know you were doing *that* well.

You’re in your head. That’s a virtual reality scene. If you look down the block you can tell that the next part of the map hasn’t ‘rezzed up” yet. Kinda like looking into the distance in Half-Life 2.


Hi there Mr Scalzi

Long time reader, first time poster here. You are in Vancouver, recovering from a wonderful meal (probably in Fuel!) with the coolest television producer in BC, Mr Joseph Mallozzi!! (He tipped is off on his blog!!)

Hope you had a great meal and enjoy your time in BC!! If you get a chance, pop along to Don Francesco’s restaurant….Great salmon!!


@ 13 Diondi Tan — Wow. I’d have figured it would be Canadian law to always be prepared for snow. :)

@ 26 KayTi: Sorry — didn’t mean to confuse the issue. It really only marginally looks like Chicago. But first noticible difference was the lack of snow.

And our area just got 3 more inches today, just in time for the -40 wind-chill factor headed in tonight.

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