More on the Creative Consultant Thing

Joe Mallozzi of Stargate has updated his blog with more information about me joining the Stargate: Universe production as Creative Consultant, what the gig is all about, and what we had for dinner last night, including his most unusual dessert. It’s all pretty accurate, except for the part explaining in what form of money I’d be paid. Although when he commented that I was going to be paid in World of Warcraft currency, my immediate thought was, “oh, so that’s what they’re calling Canadian money these days.”

A casual glance through teh IntarWeebs and the science fiction and Stargate fan sites suggests that by and large people seem positive about this news, which is always nice, so thanks, folks, and I hope I help the show live up to or exceed your expectations. That said, there are always skeptics, and at least one skeptic out there suggests, regarding my participation, that “the only conclusion I can draw is that Scalzi needs some money.” To which my response is: Really, no. It wasn’t a “I need me some cash” thing, it was a “will this be fun, and can I be useful” thing. I’m hoping I will and that I can. Although, to be clear, I’ll take the money, too. I’m not precious about it.

He Will Be Buried in Rich Corinthian Leather


Rest in Peace, Ricardo Montalban.

One of My Big Announcements for January

First, to everyone who looked at the picture in the last entry and said to yourself, “why, John Scalzi is in Vancouver, Canada, of course,” give yourself a pony. A pretty pony. Indeed that’s where I am at the moment. For those who additionally tried to guess at which hotel and specific floor of said hotel I’m on: Dude, stop stalking me.

The reason I’m in Vancouver, aside from having dinner at Fuel last night with Joseph Mallozzi, can now be revealed: I have a new gig as Creative Consultant for the upcoming Stargate: Universe television series. I’ve been talking to the SGU folks about it informally for some¬† time and flew out to meet the producers and writers, and talk about the ideas and directions of the new series. I also got the tour of the sets, which are still under construction, and which look pretty damn nifty so far. It all went very well, and I liked what they were doing with the show and the people involved, and equally importantly they seemed to like me too. So I was happy to say yes when they invited me onboard.

To answer questions that immediately come to mind: What “creative consultant” means in this case is to assist the producers and directors in shaping the direction of the series, to offer technical writing suggestions and advice, and basically to be useful when they want another point of view on something; it’s a background rather than foreground sort of job. No, I won’t be writing for the series at this point; hey, I just got the one gig, let me do that first. Yes, I’ve seen scripts and now know all sorts of stuff about the series you don’t, yet. No, I won’t tell you anything more than what’s already out there; my title is “creative consultant,” not “dude who leaks stuff.” Yes, the producers and writers are very smart folks who have a definite idea of what they want SGU to be, and I think it’s a good and intriguing idea with lots of interesting possibilities, which is why I signed on. No, I won’t be moving to Vancouver, though it’s a lovely town. Yes, dinner last night was spectacular, and I’m currently filled with crispy duck and other delights. I know for a fact Joe Mallozzi will be blogging about it, with lots of pictures of our dishes. Foodies, prepare to go insane.

The main reason I’m talking this job is that it looks like it’s going to be a hell of a lot of fun; as you may recall,¬† I noted earlier this year that one of the first questions I was going to ask about any potential gig this year was whether I would actually enjoy myself doing it, because life’s too short, you know? SGU indeed looks like fun to me, and it’s neat to be asked to get in on the ground floor of a television series and help to make it something all of you would want to watch. So that’s what I’m doing, and why I’m in lovely Vancouver, Canada today.