Room With a View; Reading Reminder & Request

First, the view out my hotel window:

It doesn’t suck.

Second, yet another reminder to folks that the fantabulous Mary Robinette Kowal and I will be at Borderlands Books tomorrow at 7pm for an evening we’re calling “John & Mary Show You Their Shorts.” We’re reading mostly humorous short fiction we’ve written, although the way we’re planning to do it, it’ll be as much performance as reading — and, to reward the folks who actually do show up, we’re doing something very cool and original and special. How cool? How original? How special. So cool and original and special that I’m not going to tell you what it is here. You’re just going to have to show up to find out. But I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. We’re going to have fun, people. You know you want in on this.

Also: hey, could someone bring, like, a mike and a computer or something? We kind of want to have a record of this, and we both stupidly left our podcast-quality apparatus at home. Thanks.

Anyway: Tell me you’re going to be there. It won’t be the same without you, man.

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  1. I’m really sorry I’ll miss it! If we weren’t taking off for Australia at exactly 7pm, dangit, I’d totally come up to the city tonight. Curse these non-refundable tickets.

  2. Would you believe that I actually researched flights up to San Fran just for the day to try and make this?
    Well I totally did! But I still can’t make it.

  3. Bah! An hour away (Sonoma Country! Wine Country! Come up and while away the weekend sipping our home brew and browsing the Peanuts archives!) but I’m booked for the night.

    Next time, for certain!

  4. Nice. I just missed you when I was at MacWorld. I had a blast in SF. Dinner at Bong Su, Chez Papa, and Town Hall were great – recommended.

    Speaking of Macs, for recording, you can always use MS Word for Mac’s Notebook Layout View and Tools->Export Audio.

  5. I will be there!

    I thought you were at the Fairmont, but by the angle of the buildings in your view I wonder if you are at the Palace. Hrm.

    See you tomorrow!

  6. Let’s see its -35 outside in Wisconsin, I’m a quadripaligic bed-bound shut-in… what are the odds of getting to SF by 7pm tomorrow to see Scalzi do something cool? Hmmm. Well thanks for the invite. Beam me up! (grin)

  7. Sadly I will not be there, but my very good friend Shannon Page will be, and I’ve told her to insinuate herself socially into your elite circle of auctorial mightiness.


    I mean, AAAAAAAARGH! The Mrs had already arranged for babysitting and a night out and its too late to swap it over. Bummed I won’t be there, Scalzi et al!

  9. Hi John –

    I have a Marantz PMD660 audio recorder that I’ll bring. It has a couple of extension mics that work nicely.

    I’ll try to show up around 6:30 so you can get it configured, etc.

    I also have a Flip video recorder.

    Looking forward to it.


  10. I will be there, bringing a civilian friend.
    The view looks like the Ritz- Carlton mezzanine.

  11. I’ll be there! I’m coming from the Sacramento area. I’ll have my digital SLR, but no audio recording equipment. Sounds like John N has that covered.

  12. I’ll be there. Will bring a minidisc recorder w/mic (cuz it’s dead simple to use and only requires one AA battery). Will probably have my MSI Wind with me…

  13. Well, I’d be there, but I don’t have spare money to get to the States. Next time your in New Zealand, I’ll be there. With bells on.

  14. I wish, but I’m stuck in Pittsburgh. BTW, you picked a great time to get out of **freezing** Ohio.

  15. Somebody bring the man some Coke Zero!!!!

    (i did when he was at Books & Co, and he was very happy…)

  16. As soon as you come up to the cold part of Canada (which is Southern Ontario, this morning), I’ll be there with bells on.

    Have fun- wish we could be there.

  17. So, you go to Vancouver and get a gig with Stargate, then go to San Francisco to become… Dean of the Starfleet Academy?

  18. I could tell you I’ll be there, but it would be a lie. And that would be a bad thing. San Fransisco is just too far to go for a one-night-stand in a bookstore, as great as it sounds. :-(

  19. I have visions of you and MRK in an Angus Young moment (see 1:27) – which would truly be unforgettable – heavens, it’s seared into my brain already. Wish I could be there, because now I’m really curious what’s going to happen.

    (I paraphrase Enzo in ZT, “…a melodramatic reading, with arm-waving.’)

    Have fun!

  20. Yeah, what Jay said, a bunch of comments above…don’t start right on time, eh? I’ll be making my way there from across town, and I can’t wait!

  21. Me and Wool are so there!
    Look forward to seeing you and other Whatever/esque regulars!!

  22. Sigh- the same dislocated foot that kept me away from Loscon is keeping me off a plane.

  23. What Ray said. It should be fun. I idon’t usually leave my house much so I hope you feel special. ;o)

  24. I’ll be there, even though it means skipping my only chance to make it to my martial arts class this week. Got my hardbacks ready to autograph, looking forward to enjoying The Complete Scalzi Experience tonight.

  25. dude, i’m sorry i can’t make it to your reading. too exhausted from teaching college students all damn day.

    and i was gonna have you sign my first edition hardcover OMW, too.

    i suck,

  26. It was a BLAST. They didn’t let me sue anybody, and I still had a great time. Scalzi is even funnier in person, and it’s a good thing Ms. Kowal was there to outfunny him so he didn’t get a swelled head.

    I will never look at tortillas or salsa the same way again.

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