An Evening at Borderlands

Holy crap, what a great time Mary and I had at Borderlands Books tonight. The placed was packed, and I mean packed — they had to wheel out some of the bookselves to fit in all the people who were there — and the audience was just fabulous, and totally into it. Mary and I performed a couple of pieces together, and then each of us read individual pieces, and then we finished up with with a bit of science fiction comedy improv which was a big ol’ hit, if I do say so myself. Seriously, I think it’s the most fun I’ve had at a reading, and I usually have a lot of fun. I’m still riding the high from it.

To everyone who showed up tonight, thanks so much for coming out; you really helped make tonight a truly fantastic time. And especially thanks to Mary Robinette Kowal, who is a spectacular person to share an event with. I can’t say enough about how much damn fun it is to work with her. It wouldn’t have been half as much fun if it had just been me.

Man! What fun. And now I’m going to sleep. Which is good too.

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  1. I do believe this needs to become a touring show. Seattle’s just up the road a bit…

  2. And then perhaps it could be turned into a movie, for those of us overseas – who could play you?

  3. That photo, it should be noted, reflects no more than 2/3 of the crowd that showed up. If my friends hadn’t saved me a seat (I think they told people “do you really want lawyer cooties?!”), I’d have had to sit on the floor, and I got there EARLY.

  4. Yay! I am famous on the internet! (Which means I am recognizable in the photo.) Thanks so much for a wonderful time. I look forward to hearing more about Lubricant Girl :)

  5. It was awesome! And I made the picture! Woooohoo!

    And, so lovely to meet you. Come back soon!

  6. I ended standing in the back most of the time but it was well worth the strained neck and ears. My favorite part was the Q&A’s. Very funny. I even got my book signed. Thank You both and Thank you borderland books. See ya next time. SF, Bay Area love the Scalzi!

  7. Well, if I was a bit taller, I’d be in the photo :-) (I’m directly behind the guy in the second row with something green on his shirt).

    It was great fun, thanks so much John and Mary! Please come back to the Bay Area soon…

    And now, time to go read my newly acquired, and autographed, copy of Agent to the Stars, and see how it is different from the previous version.

  8. Sweet…
    Im totally in the picture!

    And the reading and improv was great! Way to much fun to be having at a bookstore!


  9. 1) No where near CA
    2) I might know who the 5th Cylon is. But think the end part was a ruse.
    3) Bad night to pick do this when Battlestar starts again!

  10. I can see my hat from here! (that’s me in the felt porkpie in the back row of seats)

    Thanks John & Mary. I had was tons of fun, and my 11-year-old, Hannah, loved it too, despite the fact that it was longish for a kid and some of the jokes went over her head. The improv was as good as John’s super-being interviews, if only there were a Science Fiction radio station you could sell it too…

  11. I was a little bit late due to parking issues, but I had a great time. Thanks for traveling out our way to the west coast.

  12. It was quite the show and definitely worth the trek up into the Mission; this was not at all an ordinary reading. You both work well together.

    I took many pictures but someone moves around a lot when he’s in front of an audience so I only posted two: Scalzi and Kowal.

    Thanks again for visiting us here in the Bay Area. Stop in anytime. Call first.

  13. Kevin and others with parking issues – I find when going to Borderlands (or other places in the Mission), it’s easiest to park at the Civic Center parking lot (the one underground), walk to the Civic Center BART station, and then head to 24th and Mission.

    It struck me later that we were all not far from Good Vibes, which is, of course, the secret superhero base of Lubricant Girl.

  14. Dude, I’m like totally famous now, I’ve got a picture on the Whatever. I’m the fat guy in the front row with the Giants cap. I did my very best not to be annoying as I snapped a 135 pictures (some of which are not blurry). I think I did alri…I mean, all right. I had a blast!

  15. Your enunciation was just fine, ma’am. Particularly the bit where you read the chess article.

  16. We had a good time, even my friend on the painkillers from a car accident earlier in the day.
    Hey, thats me in the black Oakland t-shirt!
    Most rowdy fun I have had in a bookstore.

  17. Yes that was loads of fun! I really enjoyed meeting you and the evening was great.

    My friend and I made it home in time for the BSG premiere too. (No excuses Tom!)

    Wonderful uber sci fi geek out night!

  18. I am soooo in the picture (right behind the guy in the baseball cap), which means, of course, that it is posted on my facebook page with a giant Squeeee! under it. (That’s a happy squee, just to say). Twas a very fun night!

  19. Way too far in the back to be seen there. Silly Parking issues. But so glad I got to see you, Mythago, Punning Pundit, and all the other friends who may or may not have commented above. Was a blast.

  20. That looks like a riot! Crazy. I was in a bar in Manhattan with Mary last month, and now I’m in England n’ she’s on the Whatever/in California. Next thing you know we’ll all be in Canada! (oh, wait…)