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Wanted to come to the Scalzi/Kowal event last night at Borderlands Books but were kept away by rampaging toads? Or whatever? Well, here’s a portion of the evening, from Pip Lagenta, who was there (I mean, obviously). It’s of me reading my piece “Alternate History Search Results.” Stay ’til the end, there’s a tracking shot of how many people showed up.

If you want the higher definition version of this clip, it’s here, and just remember to click on the “Watch in High Quality” link. Also, for future reference, I have audio recordings of the whole evening, which I will post at some point in the near future, when I have access to my audio editing suite. Figure some time next week.

Thanks, Pip!

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  1. The pics are great as well, Pip. I liked that the nameplates had been switched. Oh, and the fan rapport pic was awesome. Thanks! Looking forward to the audi when it’s available.

  2. ytimynona – FLORIDA – I'm a big wannabe. Wannabe a truck driver, PotUS, scientist, writer, and teacher. Well, I already am a teacher. :-)

    Thanks to Pip for the video!!!

    That is just the sort of pure entertainment that makes me wish we could get some Scalzi love in Cleveland! I mean, it’s awesome here. We have, ummm, rock and roll?

  3. Looks like a lot of fun was had. Now come to Denmark – we have -ehm- well, we have something!

    When you said “Those of you who laughed are all [something]”, what was that word?

    Also: you look like you’ve lost weight since the picture from the con where you stand next to the girl dressed up as bacon-cat, or maybe that’s just the camera angle?

  4. John,

    Watched the video clip. It was great, but I wish I had speakers hooked up. Laptop built-in speakers are not very good for that.

    While I was there, saw the one-on-one with you and Cory Doctrow, so I watched that too. Very good. At last I know the story of the ‘bacon-cat’ incident that keeps getting mentioned here. :)


  5. It was rampaging lemurs, and I’m very sad I could not come. Thanks for posting the video!

  6. Justin Yost – Full-time web developer and manager, a part-time educator, constant student, backpacker and disliker of the Oxford comma. He/him.
    Justin Yost

    Indeed great recording, defiantly can’t wait to hear the full audio.

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