Hey Everyone

Wish my mother a happy birthday. Because she’s awesome, you see.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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Gee, all the garnet stone birthdays — my half-son Aaron yesterday, my niece-ish second-cousin Clea on the 19th, my son Math on the 23rd, my other niece-ish second-cousin [first ortho-cousin to Clea] on the 27th, and my daughter Kayleigh on the 31st — are being celebrated tomorrow at my cousins’ [Clea’s parents’].

I’ll be glad to sacrifice another cake slice to John’s mom. :>)

She’s obviously a good, stable person to a] raise a clearly maniac son into b] a good man, husband, and father himself.

Bless you, Scalzi-Mater, and best wishes on your birthday!


On behalf of my family and myself, we hope that you enjoy your day, and be blessed by the Deity or Deities of your choice {grin}. Since you have a grand-daughter, I’m certain that you already are.

Blessed be!


Happy Birthday, Mama Scalzicce!

You’re having a birthday, we wish you many more
Health and wealth and friends by the score.
So cut the cake and let’s eat some more
Happy Birthday to you!

(can’t remember who does this song, but it is a fun little tune)

Happy Birthday. This manuscript was delivered slightly after the deadline, but my agent has found a loophole in the contract…

I know that I would not have become a professional writer without my mother, so I suspect that you helped to put your son on the right track.

Well done! Now, we all know that you have your own life, too, so may that go well for you in 2009.

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