Look! My very first concert cell phone picture! Now I’m as cool as a high school sophomore! That’s Jonathan Coulton, by the way. He was excellent. And I got a fudge cake thrown to me by Paul and Storm. You can’t beat that.

And that’s all I’ve got, because I just walked up Mason and I think I’m gonna die. Night, all.

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  1. We, the triad, went to see JC a few months ago when he was playing down here in SD. When we got to the venue, they had not planned for so many people, and it was too hot and too loud to stay since we had the Boo with us.

    So we bought his CD set and went back outside – where he was hanging out chatting with fans. So, instead of watching him perform, we actually got to hang with him for a few minutes. He signed our CDs and complimented our baby, and we listened to his music all the way home.

    Good times.

  2. I’m insanely jealous of you. For both seeing JoCo and getting a Fudge cake from Paul and Storm. You are a lucky, lucky man.

  3. No, no, no. You’re only as cool as a high-school sophmore if you actually posted the cell-phone concert picture to the internet and blogged about it immediately afterword from the concert on your cell phone. This delayed stuff is still pretty good for a fogey, though.

  4. Jonathan Coulton!! I have a ticket to see him with Paul and Storm next month at the Birchmere in Virginia. I can’t wait.

  5. I loved Da Vinci’s Notebook and was going to see Paul and Storm and Jonathan when they were in Cincinnati last spring but missed them. I was very disappointed! I live vicariously through your fun.

  6. “walked up Mason”

    Yes. San Francisco is noted as a walkable city, but what’s not noted is that it’s better walked on a motorized scooter because those hills are steep.

  7. What you are saying is that I was standing *right behind* John Scalzi and never knew?

    Will the world stop being weird? Please?


  8. Does Coulton do that fantastic version of Baby Got Back?

    His other music is not big for me, but I love that cover.


  9. Hey John, cool meeting you last night. I’ll add that the guy in the sports jersey right in front of Coulton is the guy who does the World of Warcraft music videos of Coulton’s songs that are popular on YouTube.

  10. Linkmeister – it’s most walkable if you’re in a palanquin and the people doing the walking are burly persons carrying you.

  11. You don’t have to be in high school (been a long time since high school) or wait till after the gig to blog the event on your mobile phone. Blog it live. It’s a bit of fun for friends and family that can’t go.

  12. My wife and I got “Dutch Treat” from Paul and Storm when they hit Pontiac (we were the only ones that admitted to living there).

  13. Oh, look, you were sitting right in front of us. Weird. Well, for us. I’m guessing that having a few unknown fans of your books sitting behind you at a Coulton show is not a huge surprise.

    It was a good show. What I appreciate about Jonathan Coulton is that he genuinely has a great voice, and obvious talent and creativity in songwriting, so he manages to escape the novelty act pigeonhole. He makes music you actually want to listen to again regardless of the lyrics, which is kind of unusual for the genre of nerdy songs about robots and Science and zombies. (He also writes songs that are about, like, girls and stuff. It’s not all geekery. OK, it’s mostly geekery though.)

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