Damn It

I wrote up a long piece on the Oscar nominations and the WordPress tool ate it. Yes, I saved it. No, it didn’t help. I think I’ll go kill some zombies now.

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  1. Hope are busy rewriting it…

    I was disappointed that Bruce didn’t get nominated for best original song for the song from The Wrestler (there are only three in the category, so there was room for more, right?). Otherwise, I need to wait until I see some of these before I judge whether anyone was slighted…

  2. Left 4 Dead is so much fun. Although I prefer playing as the zombies.

    In high school I used to keep my old Atari 600XL around after getting the 800XL. The 600XL was for throwing across the room when I couldn’t load software I had written from the cassette drive.

  3. I prefer writing in my text editor of choice, then pasting into whatever (blog, word processor, etc.). There’s nothing like a fast, lean text editor that doesn’t get in your way, and doesn’t have any problems when the net connection is congested, or goes down, or a popup from another tab comes up, or whatever.

  4. L4D is a very disappointing online multiplayer experience, but is perhaps the most fun you’ll ever have playing with 3 other people in the same room.
    And if there’s a downside to technology, its that every once in a while, the gods of the code deem it necessary for your hard work to become a sacrifice on their behalf :(

  5. Anything that M. Night Shyamalan produces should automatically be a Razzie nominee. As in, the day it hits the theaters, the Razzie folks put out a press release saying which categories get the nod. Same goes for Uwe Boll.

    Note: This would also apply retroactively.

  6. #2 crabby lady –
    There were 49 songs up for consideration. The Oscar powers-that-be only selected 3 for a possible field of 5. Many folks were slighted.

  7. Man, that was a GREAT Springsteen song. Gets me choked up everytime I hear it. How did it not get nominated?

    I don’t understand how there can be 5 possible slots yet only 2 nominations.

  8. There’s nothing like a zombie attack when a computer has decided to vomit all over your data.

    Ok, well, defenestration might also be quite satisfying, but it’s kind of expensive. Zombies are cheap.

  9. John, have you tried looking in the Drafts history for the saved piece? It may be saved under a different name, but still retrievable. That sort of thing happened to me before with WordPress. Very annoying, but still better than losing what you were working on.

  10. When will the Academy recognize the important contribution that zombies and the Living Dead have made to the movies?

  11. You can use Word 2007 to publish to WP. Like this better as the tool very feature rich and I can save and store local copies of things I’m working on before they are published.

  12. I think you should write everything out long hand with fine penmanship on a dead tree, copied 80,000 times and individually mailed to your subscribers. Then you wouldn’t have problems like these.

  13. I think you were just looking for a reason to go kill zombies. Well, I’ll tell ya, YOU DON’T NEED A REASON TO KILL ZOMBIES! Fire away!

  14. bit of a stretch, maybe, but the Wierd Al Yankovich song “Goddam, I Hate Microsoft Word!” seems to apply.

  15. Can’t argue with thinning out the zombie hordes.
    As for recovering your work, You could look in the land of missing socks or the awkward silence after my typical thread killing posts.
    You’ll probably hit gold in your rewrite.

  16. Ooh another thread about the zombies. I guess we kinda already had what is your favorite weapon in L4D in a earlier thread, so what what is your favorite Infected to play in versus mode?

    Mine is the Smoker. Yeah, I know, most people hate the Smoker but with a little planning and luck it can be so much fun to play with. Dragging a survivor of a roof and hearing his/her legs break ( I imagine the sound) gives so much satifisaction.

    So what is your favorite infected to play?

    On a side note: who of the four special infected ate John’s post?

  17. Wall-E and The Dark Knight not nominated for Best Picture. Academy members’ tastes are all in their mouths. I’m not watching this year, again.

    There ya go…all the essentials on this year’s nominations, in three sentences. What is it with the AMPAS and their visceral loathing of the SF genre, anyway? Is it that they think anything with spaceships and/or robots in it stinks of nerdery, or something?

  18. Was there anything to say about the Oscar noms? In a rare hint that the voting membership of AMPAS actually watches films they’re not involved in, The Dark Knight got a richly deserved snub for Best Picture.

    And pardon me for farting in church, but did anyone genuinely enjoy Benjamin Button? Technically an astounding experience — even if you come to expect it from David Fincher. But I just found it curiously unsatisfying. ‘Forrest Gump’ with CG-wrinkles.

  19. That reminds me: must hack the l4d data files so the zombies say “get a mac” “macs just work” “macs don’t crash” and “macs don’t get viruses”.

    Then I need to hack in a flamethrower and a belt-fed manhole-cover thrower and I’ll be alllllll set.

  20. You know John, if you get Call Of Duty World At War, when you complete the game you get to kill NAZI Zombies.
    Sorry to hear about the lost data, never any fun.
    OMW, as I mentioned to you at LosCon didn’t really work for me, but Agent To The Stars I LOVED. That was great novel and as a starter novel it made me very very jealous.

  21. Is it possible that the Springsteen song was not eligible due to the fact that it played over the end credits, and not during the movie? The Academy tightened up that requirement for Best Original Song a few years ago.

  22. When one of the online “services” started doing that regularly to me, I took to opening notepad (which I put on my quick launch bar) and just copying what I wrote there until I was sure it had been published. Better than losing it.

  23. Are we ever going to get to see this rant? Inquiring minds want to know!

    Slumdog Millionaire FTW!

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