I’m Alive

I’m just away from the computer today. Don’t worry, I didn’t fall down a well or anything. Carry on.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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No Romeo, we wouldn’t. Well, maybe if he had tuna. But we’d likely have him toss it up first, and then leave him down there anyway. I’m sure Kodi would get help though, he’s such a softy when it comes to things the lady likes. Even if one of those things is the Tormentor.

Funniest thing I heard today was snarky comments on NPR about the fact that Vlad Putin just sold his first original professional painting. Supposed to show through a frosty window to snowy fields in Ukraine.

(1) if you look very closely, you can see Russian troops massed on the border;

(2) and Sarah Palin’s house.

I never, ever want to be so connected I must post an AFK All Day note on my blog. OTOH, I never want to be so disconnected that my cat eats my face before someone comes to check on me. Its a delicate balance to walk.

Sting: There’s a hole in my heart
As deep as a well
For that poor John Scalzi,
Who’s stuck halfway to Hell…

Sideshow Mel: Though we can’t get him out,
We’ll do the next best thing…

McBain: We go on TV
And sing, sing, sing!

All: And we’re sending our love down the well…

Krusty: All the way down!

All: We’re sending our love down the well…

Krusty: Down that well!

Someday, you’ll realize that the people who need to know that you’re alive already know it without reading your blog, and that the rest of us don’t need to be reassurred…

I’ve been away for a few days and nobody asked if I had fallen down a well…

Glad I’m not a teenager any more, I would have dialed this up to eleven in a heart beat even though it has nothing whatsoever to do with me. (not a dig at teenagers, just left over from the previous post)

Hope @ 4

No one’s volunteered and I seem to be out of troll bait. I’m not feeling very controversial or edgy today. Light snow drifting past my window, good coffee and no place I have to go. Life is good.

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