Fame, of a Twisted Sort

You know you are of some strange level of notability when not only does your cat Twitter, but so does your ego.

For the record, I write neither of those. I have no idea who does. I do assume it’s not really my cat or my ego, however. I think I would know.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

32 replies on “Fame, of a Twisted Sort”

Yeah I thought you did Ghlaghghee’s too – it’s the references to things supposedly happening in the house (Kodi’ chewing a bone etc… ). Hold on… Has Krissy been spending more time on her computer….?

I’m betting on Chang who is not Chang for Ghlaghghee.

Maybe one of your author friends for fakescalzi? Your guess is at least as good as mine, and probably better…

Ooooh – new proposed Whatever thread – guess which author is tweeting as fakescalzi? :)

I didn’t know about fakescalzi until this thread, but I feel a sheeplike urge to bleat my appreciation of Ghlaghghee’s tweets as well. Herd mentality and all that. Not my fault. Everyone else was doing it. Also, only half an inch into my first cup of coffee of the day.

” I think I would know.”

Agreed. My ego is a big blabbermouth who NEVER does anything withou beaucoup attention, praise and all around noticing.


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