Still Alive

In fact, I just got home. Now I don’t have to do any travel for two whole weeks! Golly, I hardly know what to do with myself.

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  1. a) post pictures of cats….


    b) write a novel…..

    purr-ly your option, not meaning to dare to tell you what to do with all your non-traveling time, but you know, “meow”, I mean, “get thee to a keyboard”.

  2. You don’t know what to do with yourself? Well, there is this “High Tower” thingy that might be good.

    Or not. Your loyal fans panting for another book wouldn’t want to pressure you. Besides, it probably wouldn’t work.

  3. I find it instructive regarding the demographics of Whatever readership that there are several Jonathan Coulton/Portal references in this thread due its title, but not a single ELO/Xanadu reference regarding the entry immediately preceding it.

  4. Good seeing you at the Con. I was worried you wouldn’t show up after I didn’t see you Friday, but, uh, you did, and now I have both a signed copy of Agent and a copy of Starship Troopers signed by all sorts of people who aren’t Heinlein.

    All in all, it was an excellent con.

    See you at Penguicon.

  5. Just because it’s an Olivia Newton John movie doesn’t make it a bad thing. Well maybe it does, but still.
    I’ve seen it.
    There I admit it and I’m totally OK with myself.
    Not sure if I would sit through it again but if it was the only thing on at 3:00 AM on an insomniac night, I’d give it a shot. 8D

  6. Scalzi @ 12:

    Don’t bring me down, man. Do ya really think ELO fans all over the world hold tight to the machinations, the big wheels, of that sweet talkin’ woman? That stranger?

    Here’s the news: it’s over, man. Whatever strange magic she wove — whatever confusion she piped down our collective telephone lines — well, even ma-ma-ma belle was turned to stone by that evil woman.

    Now… well. Now it’s alright.

    Yours truly,


  7. I was an uberfan of ELO when in high school. That was pre-Gackachoo, er, Xylonpoo, er, Xanadu. The whole Xanadu episode, not to mention the album just prior, pretty much killed off my uberfanboy for ELO. All this to get to the point, which is that the reference went sailin’ right over my head.

    Now I may have to burn out my eyes and ears with red-hot pokers to cleanse them of the sight and sound of that video-clip. ::shudders::

  8. Glad you made it home all right.

    Thanks for dropping by ConFusion and for all the great conversation.

  9. Romeo @ 13: I rented Xanadu from Netflix. On purpose. And I watched it all the way through. Sober. I may never want to see anyone else rollerskate.

  10. If it were me, I would, 1. Post pictures of cats. 2. Play video games. 3. Read books. 4. Play video games. And so on. I recently had a week off, in which I played many video games, and it was GOOD. Alas I am allergic to cats, so do not have a cat to post pictures of on the web.

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