Daily Archives: January 28, 2009

Because it Had to Happen

Yes, BaconCamp.You know you want to go. Ironically, I am already scheduled against it. But maybe I’ll send BaconCat.

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Reasonably Unscrewed-Up Character ≠ Mary Sue

When Mary and I were doing the Q & A portion of our Borderlands Books appearance, I went off the ranch a bit and kvetched about one of my pet peeves concerning science fiction reviewers, which is the assumption that any main character who is not screwed-up is somehow automatically a Mary Sue wish fulfillment […]

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Snow Day

That is, if you’re ten. I still have to work. Stupid adult responsibilities. Mind you, at the moment I’m working in a bathrobe. But you get my point. And it’s still snowing. Wheee!

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