Because it Had to Happen

Yes, BaconCamp.You know you want to go.

Ironically, I am already scheduled against it. But maybe I’ll send BaconCat.

20 Comments on “Because it Had to Happen”

  1. I love this part:

    “All proceeds go to the American Heart Association. We hope that they find some cures for heart disease so we can continue the bacon indulgence.”

  2. I should take my BBBBBLT recipe, which has 5x the healthy level of bacon in it. The secret ingredient is that I use 5x the bacon. Also I slice the tomatoes really thinly and keep the lettuce to a minimum. Can’t interfere with the secret ingredient, after all.

  3. Would it be rude to bring my experimental bacon-based bun material to the cookoff?

    I’m working hard on being able to produce a completely bacon-based hamburger. The tomato-bacon cross is going slowly (piglets ripening on the vines take time) but we’ll get there eventually.

  4. Someone needs to put together a ScalziCon and host it somewhere in Northwest Ohio. I would totally come.

  5. Our Conchair would make moofy faces at you if you didn’t show. You don’t want her to make moofy faces at you. It’s scary.

    Of course, Millennicon is something of a food con. I might be able to persuade the others that a bacon function is necessary along with the traditional chocolate.

    If they do, would you bring some to the Art Show director? I seldom escape long enough to get real food, much less snacks.

  6. @Tim….

    I’ve seen those at Dorothy Lane Market. Haven’t yet had the courage to try.

    Now that the subject’s come up about the third time I suppose I’ll have to do so. Just… not tonight. John’s not the only one snowed in this way.

  7. I am planning to bring you a few pounds of my home made bacon to cut the pain of being at Millennicon instead of Baconcamp. And maybe, just maybe, if my cousin David can get that wild hog he has been after it will be bacon made form wild hog. Extra flavorful.

  8. I was feeling really low like that one time in college. Then I walked down the street, just ready to snap at someone and then I saw it:

    Two blind people, holding hands, tapping away with their canes walking down the street toward me. Smiling. Squeezing their hands together, so perfectly in love it hurt to look at them.

    Then I realized I was just being an asshole and gave $5 to a homeless man.

    Another time I was sitting on the couch eating cheetos thinking about how there is really no point to anything if you think about it. Then I saw a profile on the news of some blind guy who climbed a mountain.

    I got up and went for a jog.

    Then there was also a the time when I was sixteen and didn’t want to drive, and saw a video in driver’s ed of a guy named Marty who didn’t have any arms, and and drove a car. He also dragged a woman out of her wrecked car (that was on fire) using only his feet while a crowd stood dumbly around him.

    Basically, shame makes me feel better. It may or may not work for you.

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