Stab Stab Stab: A Quiz

So, I’m cranky. Knowing me all as you do, do you suspect it’s because:

a) I have low blood sugar at the moment;

b) The world actually is a cesspool of petty hate and ultimate lameness, filled with people whose brains would be an embarrassment even to lower orders of mollusks.

It’s one or the other, people. You tell me. Meanwhile, I may take a nap.


Metatropolis ARC; eBear Giveaway

Hey, look what I got:

It’s the ARC for the printed version of the Metatropolis anthology, and I have to say it looks great: cool cover, great interior design, and rumor is, the stories inside are not so shabby, either. The people who get it (and it could be you!) are definitely going to pet its sleek covers and call it precious. Heck, I’m doing it already.

Speaking of Metatropolis, the lovely folks at Subterranean Press, which is publishing the printed version of the anthology, are hosting a special giveaway featuring the work of Metatropolis collaborator Elizabeth Bear:

We have THIRTY copies of the mass market paperback of BLOOD & IRON, each of which is good to a free home, U.S. residents only, sorry. If you’d care to have people email me their name and postal mailing address to, the first thirty recipients will be sent out a copy of the book next week. Have them put “Blood & Iron Giveaway” in the subject thread so we can quickly sort them out from the usual mail. You should note that we won’t be responding to emails. As this is just a fun giveaway for us, and not intended to be a time sink, we need to do it quickly and cleanly, and move on to the next bit of nonsense we have scheduled.

So what are you waiting for? Free book! Free Elizabeth Bear book! Hurry! Before they’re all gone!

Update, 11:02 am: They’re all gone. Stop sending e-mails, please.


Tools of Change Appearance

For those of you planning to go to or thinking of attending the O’Reilly Tools of Change conference in New York City, February 9 – 11th, be aware that I’ll be there and I’ll be on a panel that is in fact pretty much about this very Web site: “Where Do You Go with 40,000 Readers? A Study in Online Community Building”

Here’s the abstract for the panel:

Science fiction author John Scalzi began writing the Whatever blog in 1998, posting about a wide variety of topics including the core themes of politics, writing, and science fiction, which helped him accrue an audience of roughly 40,000 daily readers over the course of a decade. In 2002, Scalzi serialized a novel, Old Man’s War, on his website and got the attention of Patrick Nielsen Hayden, a senior editor at Tor Books—which, starting in 2005, published that book, three sequels, and another novel over a three-year period, with yet another book on the way for 2009.

Publishing industry observer Ron Hogan will interview Scalzi and Nielsen Hayden about, among other topics:

* the role of Whatever in building up a fan base for Scalzi’s fiction
* the online community that emerged from that fan base
* how to nurture such a community—and how lightly to hold the leash
* the model Scalzi’s success offered for the creation of
* using free ebooks to promote authors and publishing imprints

As noted, I, PNH and Ron Hogan are on the panel — but the panel also as a special guest star: Tobias Buckell, who as you probably know does that there Web thingie himself. It’s going to be tons of fun. The panel will be at 3:40pm on Wednesday — one of the very last panels of the conference, actually — so mark your calendars now.

I think it’s kind of cool that Whatever is being held up as a model of community building, etc at one of these conferences, and I’m looking forward to talking to all of them about all of you. Don’t worry, I’ll say only nice things. What, you think I’m going to talk smack about you all behind your back? I would never. Well, there was that once. But I was drunk. I swear.


Screwy Server

The backend of Whatever is running a bit slow at the moment, so you may experience some difficulties/lag in posting comments. Don’t panic. Technology is nutty sometimes. Hopefully this will all sort itself out soon. As you were.

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