Fiscally Sound

To the person who just sent me e-mail wondering how I might be affected by Pajamas Media closing their advertising network as of April 1: Wait, what? Not only am I not a member of the PM ad network, but a quick glance at the site reveals that there is in fact no paid advertising here at all. Save a dummy test ad I put up to see what it would look like, this site’s never had advertising on it, and at the moment I’m leaning again toward keeping it off.

I read several Pajamas Media blogs and am friendly with some of the bloggers there, but let’s just say their general editorial bent is not one that would induce me to throw my lot in with them, even if I were shopping around for an ad network, which I’m not. In short, the Pajamas Media ad network collapse affects me not at all, except to the extent some of the bloggers I read are now a little twitchy about losing that bit of income as of the first of April.

Somewhat vaguely related to this, I’ve had a couple people ask me in e-mail and in person whether my pulling The High Castle from Tor’s 2009 release schedule puts me in a wobbly financial position for the year. In a word, and without going into any significant detail: no. I do have other projects humming along and independent of that we here in the Scalzi household are big fans of the concept of tucking away for a rainy day, i.e., actually saving some of the money we earn, which until very recently was a fairly un-American attitude lo these last couple of decades. What can I say, we’re strangely old school in some ways.

In any event: We’re fine, thanks. I do appreciate people are concerned. It’s a nervous time for everyone, fiscally speaking.

Your Saturday Amusement

Fake covers to fake novelizations of real filmsdone in 60s style. Awesome.