Daily Archives: February 1, 2009

Recommended by Locus

This is nice: Locus magazine has released its “Recommended Reading List” for 2008, and I’m on it twice: First for Zoe’s Tale, in the Young Adult Books category, and then again for “After the Coup” in the short story category. I suspected ZT might show up on the list this year, as the Locus review […]

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Heads Up on The Forever War

I’ll make mention of this again in a couple of weeks, on the actual release date, but I wanted to put it on your radar now: There’s a new edition of The Forever War coming out on the 17th of this month, and the reason I’m mentioning it to you, aside from the fact that […]

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More Proof the President is the Alpha Geek of the World

The new symbol of Washington insider-dom is whether or not you have Barack Obama’s private e-mail address. For the record: I don’t have it, drat the luck. But I don’t know that I’d really want it; the first time you sent Obama a forwarded LOLcat, the Secret Service would show up at your door. That’s […]

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