More Proof the President is the Alpha Geek of the World

The new symbol of Washington insider-dom is whether or not you have Barack Obama’s private e-mail address. For the record: I don’t have it, drat the luck. But I don’t know that I’d really want it; the first time you sent Obama a forwarded LOLcat, the Secret Service would show up at your door. That’s more excitment than I want.

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  1. I really wonder what the address would be and how long it will take for it to be leaked.

    And I wonder what the first spam message will be about?

  2. The official POTUS email is for any brave spammers who want to try it. Even those lucky few who have the new POTUS’ private email should watch what they write. By law, copies of all presidential correspondence (including emails) have to be kept for posterity and can even be subpoenaed as evidence.

  3. I bow before our Presidential alpha geek. I am not worthy. Maybe I can have Scalzi’s private email instead?

  4. It’s nice to know we have a President who can USE a Blackberry or other form of technology other than a churchkey or a glass pipe. Snarky, I know, but the bloom ain’t off the rose yet, so it’s nice to chortle some.

  5. If it’s so limited, I bet they have it on a whitelist system. If you’re not on the list, your email doesn’t get through.

  6. “While texting” injuries are now one of the most common cause ER visits. Obama could be the first President in history to have an injury while walking and texting at the same time.

  7. So let’s geek this out even more. How does the White House staff prevent tracking and honing in on their use of cell phones/blackberries etc? Does anyone know that? Is it cool geek technology that shows that the presidents blackberry is active in Montana while he really is at Camp David?

  8. #16 (Jim); I think the media indicated that the Pres’ new ride was pimped personally for him by the NSA with a superhigh level of encryption. It certainly won’t stop the A-Team of hackers out there somewhere all the time, but I suspect that they’ll keep making modifications as time goies along. I think the White House minions will be using something similar.

    I somehow don’t think that Sprint will be offering a similar model when my current cell phone contract runs out this year.

  9. Bear in mind, the President’s Blackberry is for his personal use. For official business, they may issue him something like the Sectera Edge from General Dynamics, which costs about $3000 and is NSA-certified for information up to TOP SECRET level. Some wags have already dubbed it the “Barackberry.”

  10. Yeah I understood it as this would be for his personal use so although I’d expect it to be super duper secure and all that… He’s most likely forwarding and receiving LOLcats ;)

  11. Dude, forget LOLcatting the Prez, and think HUGE: be the first person to Rickroll Obama! Now *that* is a claim to fame I’d love to have. I’d put that on a t-shirt!

  12. MiniTru:

    Aside from the fact that Obama’s stance probably doesn’t mean what you think it does, this relates to Obama e-mail list exactly how, now? If the answer is “why, it doesn’t at all” (hint: that is the answer in this case) then why did you put it in? Before you try to answer that, don’t answer that, because (as noted) it’s not germane to the topic at hand, and I don’t see much point in having the conversation drift in that direction.

    I know that when you want to get foamy about Obama it’s hard to wait for a thread in which your foaminess might actually be on topic, but won’t you please try? It’ll keep me from having to delete your next attempted threadjack. Thanks.


    PRES. OBAMA is at his desk, checking email. Also in the room are CHIEF OF STAFF RAHM EMANUEL and SECRET SERVICE AGENT PHILIPS.

    SOUNDTRACK: Silence, except for keyboard noises.

    We switch to OVER THE SHOULDER SHOT: we can see PRES. OBAMA’s email account. TIGHT CLOSEUP of the screen as he CLICKS A LINK.

    WHIP PAN to PHILIPS as he switches from professional calm to wide-eyed alertness.

    SLO-MO: PHILIPS dives towards OBAMA —
    CUT TO OVER THE SHOULDER SHOT as a browser window opens up (Firefox, natch) —
    CUT TO REACTION SHOT — EMANUEL turns, startled, as —
    Still in SLO-MO PHILIPS shouldercharges OBAMA, knocking him out of his chair to the ground, getting him out of the line of sight just as —
    CUT BACK to the screen shot as the browser window finishes opening.

    SOUNDTRACK: Rick Astley, “Never Gonna Give You Up”.

  14. Interestingly, it seems like some people don’t have it who you might expect to (Clinton), perhaps because they can get face time with his Barackness whenever they want and thus email is unnecessary (Rahm Emanual being the obvious exception there, but I suspect that’s because he’s a type A control freak). So perhaps knowing really means that you are sorta important, but not super important.

    The real question is – does President Obama have your email address?

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