The Appalling Strip-Mining of the 80s Continues Apace

Dear Seether:

Seriously? I mean, really: Really?

If they had had any balls, they would have done “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go.” That’s all I’m going to say about that.

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  1. It took me until the 2 minute mark to figure out what song it was. I even missed it during the first refrain, although to be fair, my overall exposure to George Michael has been pretty low…

  2. I think I started to laugh, and then, I found my hands gripping my own ears. From what I can tell, I think I may have been subconsciously trying to snap my own neck and end the suffering.

  3. For the longest time I’ve thought that Tom Waits could actually do a really nice version of Careless Whispers.

    This video is just kinda shrugworthy, however. I can’t even get up enough motivation to mock it.

  4. Still better than the 70s replays we were stuck in for 15 freakin’ years. But pretty bad, yeah.

  5. Makes me wonder what the video for the cover is like. White tennis outfits? Shimmery dresses with giant puff sleeves? Running to the airplane to escape a frightening fake tan and perfect coiffure? How does all that translate to today?

  6. As a fan of bizarre covers, thank you for bringing this to my attention.

    That may be the funniest thing I have seen since the you tube video of airplane crashes accompanied by Me First and the Gimme Gimme’s cover of Leaving on a Jet Plane.

  7. Strip mining is okay as long as they go through the rehabilitation stage – fill in the hole with dirt and plant some trees when they’re done.

  8. The Police’s Message in a Bottle, covered by Machine Head. Gloriously awesome. And depressing. And awesome.

  9. Okay. I’m officially confused about what is special about this song.

    But it’s okay; I still have “The Final Countdown” stuck in my head from like 4 weeks ago.

  10. Apparently the Violent Femmes didn’t make a video for their cover of “Do You Really Want to Hurt Me.” So you’ll just have to take my word that the version is. Awe. Some.

  11. For my money, if you’re talking covers of songs originally involving George Michael, you can’t go more ridiculous than Limp Bizkit doing Faith.

  12. Meant to say:

    This is Seether we’re talking about…I think their name used to be some sort of nerve toxin, if I’m not mistaken (yes, unfortunate)

    One of their songs is “Fake it”, which I like because it sums up their foray into Rock.

  13. Over the weekend I heard a truly wretched angsty girly version of Aerosmith’s Dream On, and also some emo-boy whiner rock version of Cyndi Lauper’s Time After Time, both of which were entirely unnecessary.

    I’m not sure which was more painful, hearing those covers or writing the previous sentence. I mean, seriously, we fought our way out of the primordial ooze for THAT? Jebus.

  14. I like it. It’s not quite the New Found Glory version of “The Glory of Love” or Le Tigre’s cover of “I’m So Excited,” but it’s still a worthy addition to my collection of ’80s covers.

  15. They’re hardly the first band to cover that song, it’s had a long life as a strip-mine victim.
    I will always have to live with the memory of hearing the Muzak version of Dio’s Rainbow in the Dark once while shopiing though..

  16. See, this one’s right in Seether’s (current) wheelhouse. Perfect choice for them. Lets leader-singer dude emote.

    And… ah, fuck it. I like it. I admit it. There’s no shame in that, is there?

  17. I like Seether, I like rock covers, and I dislike 80’s music, so this one’s about 66% good for me.

  18. Jules @26 – Well I have.

    They also covered Crowded House’s “Fall At Your Feet” although that may only have been live – I saw them supporting someone (Ash?) back in 1997(or maybe 98 or possibly 96 – I forget)

  19. a sure sign you are getting old is when they start doing covers for songs from your youth…

  20. I am an unrepentant Wham! fan. I am also liking this cover. It works. The original was already 90% emo. This just finishes the job.

  21. Maybe its because I’m young and maybe because all that metal/emo hybrid stuff was coming out when I was in High school but I really enjoy that cover.

  22. Old fartdom comes with hearing ’80s songs in the ’80s as a teenager, and hearing covers two decades later.

    It would be remiss of me not to mention Cradle of Filth’s cover of Heaven 17’s “Tempation” – I’m always a mixture of appalled and giggling when I listen to it.

    I’d love to see a rapper rip through Cory Hart’s “Sunglasses at night” – bear in mind as an Australian I’m a hardcore AC/DC Bon Scott era fan and Hayseed Dixie’s “A Hillbilly Tribute to AC/DC” makes me giggle with delight. I’m not overly precious about the ’80s music these days.

  23. I came to a conclusion some while ago (probably because you insist on posting weird covers, damn you) that a measure of songwriting skill is how well it translates to other genres of music.

    The lyrics here don’t translate, but the melody line! Wow. I always thought it was insipid in the original. Turns out it was just in the wrong genre!

  24. I could not finish listening to the song. To be totally honest, I could never finish listening to any song George Micheals performed.

  25. Grungy, nostalgic on many levels. Great jam. Turn it up and have some sensually sad intercourse.

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