Daily Archives: February 4, 2009

Insert Heavy Existential Sigh Here

I find it very sad that someone believed — and I suspect correctly — it was necessary to put up this site to make things clear to young men that there was a difference between porn sex and sex with a real live girl. It’s like when you have to tell a five-year-old that cartoon […]

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Yeah, What About the Stimulus Package?

In the comments to the Forrest Plumber entry, commenter Frank asked (somewhat sarcastically, but even so) what my thoughts about the stimulus package are. I claim no great insight in the process, but my thought is, essentially: seems like it’s needed at this point, and I’m happy to let Congress thrash it out a while […]

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Putting Millennicon on Your Radar

Citizens of Earth! Here in these dark, cold days of winter deprivation, have you been sitting in your small, cramped, poorly-lit domiciles, eating food straight from the can  and staring your “calendars,” wondering what you will do with yourself on the weekend of the Vernal Equinox, when winter is henceforth banished and flowers and tiny […]

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