A Brief History of Science Fiction Movies and Me

Over at AMC today, I use the current Facebook “25 things about yourself” meme that apparently everyone in the known universe has tagged me on as inspiration to give a personal history of me and science fiction films. Learn which science fiction film was the very first one I ever saw, which SF film was the first to disappoint me, which one caused me to be physically injured, and so on. It’s a whole bunch of stuff about me, without ever getting TMI — and that’s a good thing. And then, if you feel like it (and you will!), add a few “things about me and science fiction film” bits in the comments over there. Because it feels so good to share, you see.

Incidentally, last week over at AMC, Mary Robinette Kowal interviewed one of the puppeteers on the upcoming Coraline film. It’s a very cool article. Go read it.

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