Have Some Siouxsie

The video’s a bit silly (it’s a tie-in to the less-than-stellar Batman Returns), but the song is groovy:

Fun fact: The song is co-written by Siouxsie & the Banshees and Danny Elfman, Siouxsie and Elfman being, like, king and queen of the Goth Eternal Prom. And if they had a baby, it would look just like Pete Wentz!

Oh, man. I threw up a little in my mouth when I wrote that.

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  1. pretty much my favorite siouxsie song of all times. i still consider it the best song of any song every used in any of the batman movies (it’s used when keaton and pfeiffer are dancing together late in the movie).

    it also qualifies as the best james bond song never to have been in a bond movie (imho.)

  2. No, NO! Pete Wentz would not be spawned forth from two people as awesome as Siouxsie and Danny! Stop it, Scalzi! Stop equating emo with goth right now!!!

  3. Some how this video reminds me of Super Jail on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim. Maybe its the two white guys dancing with the sheet.

  4. If it follows that Goth is Emo’s babydaddy (or, let us be fair because it’s a genre with a lot of lace, babymama), then I don’t think Pete Wentz is the man for you. Songs like “Dance, Dance” and “Thnks Fr Th Mmrs” are just too catchy. I don’t think of angst as having a rhythm I can dance to. Nod my head and flip my hair to, but no booty-waggling.

    Now Justin Warfield of She Wants Revenge…he’s a viable candidate for the Boingo-Banshee test tube babyfest. I’d say his music might be a little too vicious for Oingo Boingo, but after listening to “Insanity” a few times this week I…I’m not so sure.

  5. And here I was hoping you’d put up a Cramps video, in memory of Lux Interior … Siouxsie and Danny’s demented cousin?

  6. I’m sorry, but compared to the shit Schumacher filmed following this one, and the fact that we get to see Michelle Pfeiffer running around in a patent leather cat suit? This movie is awesome.

  7. Can we all agree that this is much, much better than the videos Prince did for the first Batman? Yes? Thank you.

  8. umm, Scalzi…

    Robert Smith is on line 2. He wants to talk to you about your anointing Elfman King of the Goth Eternal Prom. He sounds kinda bummed out.

  9. Are you kidding? Robert Smith’s not at the Goth Prom! He’s at home, bemoaning the fact his date drowned herself rather than go with him.

  10. Whee, I LOVE this song! Maybe I should sing it at my favorite bar’s weekly karaoke party.

    Now, nobody knock karaoke. It’s fun as long as you don’t take it or yourself seriously (which too many people do).

  11. Aaargh! A thousand curses upon you, John Scalzi! Your infernal clip made my hands inexorably move to iTunes and start playing Evanescence, and now I’m stuck listening to it until the end of the album! Since I can’t write and listen to music at the same time, this means that flinging demons into cathedral walls is delayed.

    And just for that, I’m going to make you a /really ugly/ demon. Scalzhathol, the Hand of Woe, perhaps.

  12. See, now if there had actually been a Goth Prom, I might have gone.

    I regret missing out on so many possible lives.

    And because you’ve mentioned Siouxsie, I’ll just take this moment to plug The Creatures; Siouxsie and her husband Budgie’s little musical side project that’s well worth the listen.

  13. I *loved* this song on first listen, lo those many years ago, and then had the hardest time finding it to buy. I feel like it wasn’t on the actual Batman Returns soundtrack or something… but memory is foggy.

  14. No, Danny Elfman isn’t Goth King of the Prom! More like Peter Murphy or Roz from Christian Death.

    I had such a crush on Siouxsie in the 80s. Hell, I probably still do now. I saw them at the Paramount Theater under Madison Cube Garden in ’87, and I could have literally reached out and touched her I was so close. She kept looking down at me too, probably wondering if I was a stalker from the rapt expression on my face…

  15. “Danny Elfman isn’t Goth King of the Prom!”

    Then explain why half the goths on the planet have Jack and/or Sally tattooed somewhere on their bodies.

  16. My wife hates me for making the comparison … Katee Perry (I kissed a girl) sounds like Souxie after a good course of antidepressants and therapy. Their singing styles are very similar.

  17. So after all that, when I finally opened my text file what trickled out of my fingers was fetid sludge. I know, I know, I should really start writing *before* I open Firefox.

    Sorry, Scalzhathol, looks like you won’t be appearing after all.

  18. JS @ #19,

    Because all Goths are secretly Romantics at heart, and beneath all the angst, darkness, and hatred for all things Bright and Perky, there is a smile and a hug just *WAITING* to burst out.

    Like Wednesday after they locked her in the cabin and made her watch Disney all damn day.

  19. Question for all Goth and Emo on this thread:
    Does Imogen Heap fall into either category, or is she something else entirely?

  20. I think Imogen Heap falls more in the “Boy Do I Wish I Was A Woodland Fairy Type Creature” category.

    Love Siouxsie Sioux, even though she’s personally responsible for most of the Hepatitis C cases in the United States. :)

  21. Jason: I think these days they’re called “Otherkin”, although that encompasses the people who think they’re weretigers as well as the people who think they’re changelings.

  22. Thanks, John, this made my night.

    Yes, Andrea, it was on the Batman Returns score album. Last track.

    Siouxsie and Robert are the seeds for one of my favorite Pandora stations. ^_^

  23. So what are you if you happen to like Siouxsie, Evanescence and Imogen Heap, but don’t dress a particular way? I was wondering if I was finally going to be identifiably in a certain group for once. 8D

    Should I admit that I have Violent Femmes on my Ipod?

  24. Face to Face was an extremely fitting song for Batman Returns, the song’s introduction was given at the most appropriate time.
    Unfortunately, that being said: Siouxsie Sioux is not and will never be “Goth.”

    Siouxsie to me is an unclassifiable Singer, who has always hated having label slapped to her, labeling her would be an insult to her and her image that she has generously given us over the past Thirty-odd-some years.

  25. Siouxsie and the Banshees cofounder, bassist, and songwriter Steven Severin brings his Music for Silents show(s) to New York City, for the only USA appearance on his current circuit, Saturday, October 10th, at Le Poisson Rouge, Greenwich Village. Steven will be performing a live soundtrack for a screening of The Seashell and the Clergyman (1928), a French silent-era movie, popularly considered to be the first surrealist film ever made. If this show sells out, Steven will perform in accompaniment with The Trials of Doctor Caligari on the following night, Sunday, October 11th.

    This is a rare multimedia event and tickets will go quickly!

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    Doors, 7PM, show, 8PM

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