Quick! What Should I Eat For Lunch?

You have just 74 minutes to tell me!

(Disclaimer: No matter what you suggest, I’m likely just to eat cereal shoved inside a tortilla. Because I’m just that lazy. But it never hurts to try.)

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  1. Well, if you already have tortillas, I recommend putting some lunchmeat and cheese in that tortilla and rolling it up, instead of breakfast cereal. Add a couple strips of bacon and you can call it a “club sandwhich wrap” and feel all Mr. Country Clubby and shit.

  2. Bacon, of course…

    Oh wait — you’re not the guy who planned to only eat bacon this month.

    I’d say a double-double but you couldn’t get it in the next 70 minutes.

    How about a grilled cheese with tomato soup?

  3. quesadilla with bacon- that’s two tortillas with cheese in the middle and browned on a griddle. But then maybe you know that since you grew up in California? And have an avacado on the side.

  4. Break your fast by feasting on the souls of your enemies.

    Barring that, heat up some left-over pizza.

  5. I recommend a hearty pumpkin soup, with onion and spices. We had a big batch around the house for a while, and man but that stuff was tasty.

  6. Cereal inside a tortilla??? Barbarian!

    Find yourself a can of soup, your choice of flavor, and enjoy. You can even save the tortilla from its previous horrible fate and eat it with the soup.

  7. A cup of cottage cheese, mixed with a quarter of a cup of chopped walnuts and almonds, and a quarter of a cup of raisins and craisins.

  8. I partial to cheesy things myself, I’d go with a swiss cheese grilled cheese sandwich or quesadilla with swiss and grilled onions. mmmm…cheeeeeeeesy.

  9. I vote for quesadilla. If you have a tortilla, put some cheese inside and heat up in your choice of microwave or pan on the stove. For added interest put any of the following: bacon, chopped onions, beans, chopped tomatoes, sliced olives. Or go for a more gourmet taste with smoked salmon, goat cheese and capers in the tortilla. I understand/live with lazy, though. My husband will microwave cheese on bread for a meal when he wants something different than a bowl of cereal.

  10. Chris: he is near Cincinnati – it wouldn’t be Scrapple but Guetta instead

    Here is my suggestion: Skyline Chili

  11. Schadenfreude Pie? I don’t know about you, but the urge to gloat every time I hear a news program use the phrase “President Obama” hasn’t faded yet.

  12. Not knowing the contents of your cupboards, this could be a trick.
    In a pinch I go to chili. I’ve always got some around (homemade or Steak & Shake chili in a can!).
    A second choice would be grilled cheese – the real thing with the good cheese, not that Kraft(tm) crap. And real butter on the bread, actually grilled in a pan, not just toasted.
    Last Resort: giant bowl of the cereal of your choice. My preference is Grape Nuts, mostly because the kids won’t eat it so I know I’ll always have some left.

  13. Mr. Scalzi,

    Not to worry you or anything, but more than a few of your “fans” seem to be recommending peanut-related items. It’s as if they want you to meet their friend Sal.

    Sal Monella.

    OTOH, I’m eating a turkey sandwich from Speedway, so what do I know?

  14. Mix yogurt with the cereal, spread it on the tortilla. Layer baby spinach over that. Roll and enjoy. Cut cucumber real thin and wash it in vinegar, enjoy on the side.

    Or, you know, a hot dog, canned baked beans, and salt & pepper kettle chips.

  15. I suggest you consider your state of inertia, plug into the closest available energy source and get yourself a food item with avocado. Any item made with this great fruit will do, but fresh homemade guacamole with some black beans and salsa is preferred.

  16. Have any of your furry housemates have been bad lately? When my cats act up in the kitchen, I threaten them with becoming “feline cuisine”: catatouille, catsserole, shiscatbab, cattage cheese, pancats with syrup (and a side of Catnadian bacon)… The possibilities are almost endless.

  17. Good quality ramen. That’s what I’m having – the kimchi and pepper-beef flavored kind. At least, that’s what this picture is. The writing is in Korean, so I can’t be sure.

    Either that, or a bag of microwave popcorn.

  18. Salsa & cheese on toast, run under the broiler.

    Kodi suggests Meow Mix: Ghlaghghee, Zeus & LC in a bowl.

  19. A Greek Salad, but made the Floridian way with hidden potato salad under the lettuce, beets, peppers, feta, olives, onions, tomatoes with the Greek dressing lightly and delicately drizzled over all. Ok – so that is what I am having – what ever you consume – Bon apetite!

  20. Do what all lazy people do – Order Out.

    If you order enough, you can reheat it for dinner as well.

    Yes, I know ordering out isn’t cheap, but as we say in the IT business (and I suspect people say this in other businesses as well): Fast, cheap, or easy – pick two.

  21. Spam, spam, spam, eggs and spam. It goes over good in Hawaii. It’s like thier State meat-like type product or something.

  22. I’m pretty late to the game, so you probably don’t have time to sit and eat lunch. So… Thread Cheerios onto a length of string, then wear it like a candy necklace, and graze while you work.

  23. Okay, so it’s too late for my lunch suggestion (refrigerator surprise!), ’cause you probabaly already ate.

    Start dinner for Chrissy – put a roast in the crock pot w/potatoes, an onion and some carrots. It will be roast-tastic!!

    Every woman loves to come home to a yummy dinner prepared by her loving sweetie. Believe me.

  24. bread, peanut butter, honey.

    No refrigeration required.

    stock up before the next snowstorm.

  25. You know, it occurs to me that he posted at 10:49 that we had 74 minutes to decide. Who eats lunch at exactly 12:03?

  26. Too late for today but:

    Can of Chili
    Half a package of cream cheese

    Dump both in bowl, nuke for 2 minutes, stir.

    Make chili burritos or eat with tortilla chips.

    add shredded cheddar cheese if you like.

  27. Quesadillas are way better if you grill them. I think a microwaved one would be really bad.

    Pork soba was lunch today because I slept in and had to buy something.

  28. Okay, clearly I’m way too late to make a suggestion for food and really I don’t have one anyway. But I am more than a little thrown off by the idea of cereal in a tortilla. Is this some scalzian tradition or do other people actually do this? I have never heard of such a thing before and really can’t think of a good reason to do it. It seems like milk and cereal or simply handfuls of cereal would be even better if pure laziness was the point. Wrapping one grain based food with another seems thoroughly pointless.

  29. I can’t believe that I just checked in on this blog and read this thread, in order to find out what John Scalzi had for lunch yesterday.

    Can I be scared now?

  30. Classic tortilla with beans and cheese. I have literally grown up eating that almost every day of my life.

    No, I’m white.

    Tex Mex is the only way to eat.

  31. Hello, I know im the taddest bit late (2 yrs late, soz iv’e been sleeping)
    A tortilla and cereal sandwhich, makes me want to throw up. Try-
    wait for it, wait for it…!!
    yuuuummmmy :) expecially on pizza!! MMMMMMMMMMM!!
    Orange Girl signing off!
    PS. Another goodfood is catarpillar fungus!! mmmmm! but it is quite rare

  32. holy macorooni you crazy ppl!! i love u all especially zac d with strudel LEGEN…..WAIT FOR IT……DARY!

  33. sorry 5 years late.wz hibernating:). you should eat chocolate covered hotdog with chips on the side. really delicious.