The Thing About 3D

And I realized this whilst watching Coraline, which I thought was very well done in general, is that it will always give people headaches as long as directors forget that every time they cut to a new scene, they’re actively making their audiences’ eyes refocus. In real life, your eyes are not required to do nearly as much refocusing as they have to watching a 3D movie. And of course, they’re not required to refocus at all watching a traditional 2D film. Coraline’s 3D was very well done (i.e., it was not obnoxiously front and center all the time), but even with stop-motion animation’s native awareness of three-dimensional space, there were several cuts that had my corneas straining to catch up.

Either directors will have to find a new way to cut films that doesn’t fatigue the eyes so much, or I expect 3D is likely yet again to have its novelty wear out. All I have to say is I dread what’s going to happen to people’s eyeballs when a cut-happy director like Michael Bay gets hold of 3D. But then, if it’s a Michael Bay film they’ve bought in for a headache anyway.

Worldcon 2011? Hope You Like Reno

Science Fiction geeks knew that there were two primary contenders for the site of the 2011 Worldcon: Seattle and Reno, Nevada. Well, now there’s only one, because the Seattle in 2011 committee has withdrawn its bid, citing difficulties in securing their preferred venues. Inasmuch as this leaves Reno the only serious bid still out there, I hope you Worldcon attendees all are fans of the Biggest Little City in the World, because, well. That’s where it’s extremely likely to be. Personally, I’d’ve been happy either way, so this is fine by me.

And Thus, The Internet’s Work Done, It Collapsed In On Itself and Disappeared

Ladies and gentlemen: Zombie bacon:

And of course, it’s available as a t-shirt.

Now, let us never speak of either zombies or bacon again.