And Thus, The Internet’s Work Done, It Collapsed In On Itself and Disappeared

Ladies and gentlemen: Zombie bacon:

And of course, it’s available as a t-shirt.

Now, let us never speak of either zombies or bacon again.

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  1. First time commenter, multi-time reader. I must say clicking on your blog and meeting zombie-bacon first thing of the night gave me a chuckle. Great way to start off my night.

    I first found your site through Lilith Saintcrow’s blog. Thanks for writing. Just thanks!

  2. Sir, I accuse you of being an internet cocktease! First you ask our advice about lunch but fail to inform, and then you complain about Coraline but then fail to follow up and tell us what transpired.

    Your zombies cannot conceal your shame!

  3. Wow, they must have really jazzed up Coraline for the movie. I read the book and was totally unimpressed.

  4. “Now, let us never speak of either zombies or bacon again.”

    I think I can force myself not to speak of bacon but this whole “no zombies” rule will be hard to live with. Can I get an exemption?

  5. Take the pledge!

    Never let these two words pass through your finger tips again!

    Wear the pink and green ribbon!

  6. We are not amused. (Well maybe by the Zombie, which we deem to still have some mileage, but not by the bacon, which we deem done.)

    -The International Internet Bacon-Abatement Coalition.

  7. Thanks to the flexibility of English grammar, I now have a mental image of undead breakfast meats flopping around my kitchen. Ewwww.

  8. Yeah, but unicorns are still good, right?

    And the internet is just like the universe. Whenever anyone discovers exactly what the internet is for and why it is here, it will instantly disappear and be replaced by something even more bizarre and inexplicable.

    There is another theory which states that this has already happened.

  9. I think we’ve all been detecting a consistent meme from the Scalzinator latley. He is getting sick of the bacon thing. He is being jovial about it now, but it is only a matter of time before he puts a filter on the comments that doesn’t approve any postings with the word “bacon” in it.

    And John, you need to accept that the bacon brigades won’t go down voluntarily. A few of us might “get the hint”, but if you want the thing to really stop you’ll have to take stronger action.

  10. ” Stephen Buchheiton 07 Feb 2009 at 12:48 pm

    Yeah, but unicorns are still good, right?”

    Mmmm. Smoked and cured unicorn meat. And, of course, fried unicorn brains with roc egg.

  11. A little late to comment on the Zombie Bacon link – Because you always seem to weirdly get connected to all things bacony on the net I wanted to drop you this link about the latest culinary exploits at our Florida State Fair. I am glad to report that the tasty treats that are written up in the article below did not originate in Florida, but came here via New York eateries.

    As the article link below will confirm – we have a forward thinking culinary master of fair cuisine who is now serving the delicious, stupendous taste treat of chocolate dipped bacon.

    As a long time savorer of the salty/sweet category (Oatmeal w/ a side of fried wieners) I could not helped but be intrigued by this offering. After tasting, my thoughts were that it wasn’t too bad on the salty/sweet scale, but I would have preferred a dark chocolate dip.

    Addendum: the fried green beans are not bad, but a wasabi ranch dipping sauce is the trick with those.

  12. At last! The cure to the zombie hordes coming to eat my brain! I just have to have plenty of bacon on hand! Is there anything that bacon cannot do???

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