Today’s Final Award-Related Post: Vote for the 2009 Locus Awards

Yes, it’s been an awards-riffic day here, but hey, you know you love those award thingies. So shiny. And even if you don’t vote for the Hugos or Nebulas or Audies or any other award mentioned here today, here’s some awards you can vote for: The 2009 Locus Awards! And why can you vote on them? Because they’re totally free for you to vote on — and they’re online, so it’s just that much easier.

Here’s what you do: Go to the online ballot, enter your identifying information, and then select your favorite works/people in each category. There’s a drop-down menu pre-populated with books from the Locus Recommended Reading List, so you can use those, but if nothing there strikes your fancy you can write in a nominee. Fill the slots in order of preference, the number one slot being your most preferred. Then do the Locus survey at the bottom and you’re done. Simple.

In the interest of disclosure, you’ll find me in the drop-down menus in two categories: Best Young Adult novel (for Zoe’s Tale) and in Best Short Story (for “After the Coup”). Vote for me if you want, or vote for other people/works. There’s lots of good stuff in the menus to choose from (or for you to ignore and do write-ins, if you prefer).

Have fun!

5 Comments on “Today’s Final Award-Related Post: Vote for the 2009 Locus Awards”

  1. And a reminder that you are allowed to vote for works that are not on the pull down menus.

  2. Oh, oh, can I write you in? Even if you weren’t nominated I want to go up and ram into the judges shins with a pound of bacon strapped to a cat on my head yelling “Pick Scalzi or this bacon will explode and kill us all!” Please?

  3. Can you vote without giving them all the personal info? I bailed when it became apparent to me that the poll was being run by the marketing department. I suspected that they would sell my name and info and my inbox and mailbox would soon be filled with spam and junkmail.

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