You Need to Congratulate Someone

Who? And for what? Click here for the answer. Seriously, this involves one of my favorite people, so follow that link. I suspect most of you will be happy you did.

No, I’m not RickRolling you. Click the damn link, already.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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It’s so awesome that Mary got the call from Jenn with the news that the deal was settled while the two of you were at lunch together. I’m glad you made sure that everyone in the restaurant got to hear the good news!

Jane Austen with magic? Can’t wait–it’s already on my To Be Read Soonest list! You are going to do a Big Idea about this, when it’s closer to publication, aren’t you? Because I want to hear all about it!

Good news all around. She gets a contract, we get another source of good reads.
A classic everybody wins scenario.

I like how you treat your friends. Sure it might have been a touch embarrassing, but that was major cool to have an entire restaurant applaud Mary’s good news.

this is awesome — description of the book looks great.

my book budget has… i don’t even want to think about it… since reading the recommendations and suggestions here…

…but they’re good ones. thanks for telling us about this!

Apparently the Whatever needs to join Slashdot and Fark on the list of “Places where, if your website is mentioned, it will overload your bandwidth quota by default”.

The short description is that I sold two novels to Liz Gorinsky at Tor. “Jane Austen with magic.”

The long form is that you can read about how I was having lunch with Scalzi when the call came and his subsequent actions.

What’s really scary and also wonderful is that I’m running Super-Cache on my website right now and there’s so much traffic that it’s still caving occasionally.

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