In the Spirit of Valentine’s Day

A list of “the top 17 homo love songs.” Oh, go on, you nervous straight person, you. You know you want to see what that link is like, just this once.

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  1. How the cornbread heck could you have a list like that and not have any Melissa Etheridge on it? Now admittedly this is me outside-looking-in but also being in the strange position of having the vast majority of my friends be of the persuasion, I’d think I’d have a feel for this kind of thing…

    As it were.

    After all, I’ve had “You Can Sleep While I Drive” stuck in my head for two days… if that’s not a sweet, sappy, let’s-get-outta-here-and-go-watch-the-sub-races kinda song, I don’t know what is.

    But then again, I love my best friend’s icon, showing her and her partner: “Threatened by us? GET THERAPY.”

    And, John? Bully for you posting this.

    Sign me,
    another straight guy standing up for his friends, no matter who they want to snuggle.

  2. I’m still looking for some good polyamourous love songs! Thanks for sharing these though — some of them could certainly be dedicated to specific partners. (My boyfriend is a big 80’s fan, so there are some good selections for him.)

  3. @Fred: Ask and ye shall receive:

    Gaia Consort ( has a bunch of’em; click on Listen for lyrics and MP3’s, most of’em full length… amongst the best, “Three” (duh), “Move To The Country”, and sort of an anti-Valentine song, but still *funny* and apropos, “Perils of Poly”… warning, none of them are Pepsi-safe to first time listeners.

  4. I always liked “There’s a Place for Us” (probably not the correct title) from the Zefferelli version of Romeo and Juliet. It was meant for a teenage boy and girl, but works very well for a same-sex couple.

  5. @JJS: The song is actually called “What Is a Youth?”, by Eugene Walter and the legendary Nino Rota. Won the Academy Award for Best Song, and deserved it. And you’re right… it’s a good song for any couple (or perhaps more) that doesn’t fit in.

  6. Right. I not only couldn’t remember the correct title, I didn’t type the one I was thinking of. I was thinking of the lyrics that include “A Time for Us, at last there’ll be … a new world … a place of shining hope for you and me.”

    “There’s a Place for Us” is of course from West Side Story, but it can fit any non-traditional couples nicely.

  7. I don’t know any homo love songs. If a songs about love, how could you tell if it’s homo or not.

    And Melissa Etheridge is gay? Who knew?

  8. How the cornbread heck could you have a list like that and not have any Melissa Etheridge on it?

    The lesbians of my acquaintance are hardly a statistically-realiable cross section of the Sapphic Nation, but they regard Melissa Etheridge as the aural equivalent of masturbating with a nutmeg grater. Not very romantic, in short.

  9. Just goes to show that sexual preference has no correlative effect on musical preference. Though I never thought differently… except when Cher takes another victory lap on her farewell tour.

    Overall a damn good list.

  10. Scalzi

    Uh, pretty much everyone for the last several years, he said, hoping Frank was trying for sarcasm, there.


    No, I wasn’t trying for sarcasm. I just don’t pay much attention to the lives of celebrities.

  11. Good lord, I am have never had to doubt my gay cred, but I dont know any of those songs…

    wait, maybe those are gay BOYs songs, that explains it.

  12. I’ve never not seen so many ads in my life. Most of the site is adblocked.

    How about a little love for Pansy Division?

  13. @Laura: You go right on blasting your Melissa and your k.d. and your Indigo Girls, sister. I’ll be back here pounding the drum while you dance.

  14. Laura – the top 3 were indie wanker music, so the vast majority of people won’t of heard of those, at least. Although I can say all those 3 songs ARE fantastic, particularly the Patrick Wolf.

  15. Oh and observe the title ‘”The Indie Rock Fag’s” Top 17 Homo Love Songs’. This puts me firmly in the list’s target demographic, and most of the gay community outside it :P

  16. Little Richard’s Tutti Frutti.

    I have no idea how I never noticed how gay it was until I heard that he was gay. Then again I am often oblivious about such things as I have a hard enough understanding why women like men. I comprehend the biological imperative I just can’t see the attraction.


  17. In the older end of things, how about “The Girl From Ipanemia”? A bosa nova song about a lovely girl walking to the beach.

  18. Technoshaman @1: Actually, the last part of “You can sleep while I drive” sounds to me like she’s leaving her lover, not going to watch the sub races. Still sappy, but as a breakup song.

  19. What about “The Other Side” by Scissor Sisters? Beautiful, if sad, song about love across time. And really, need I say more about the group’s name?

  20. Weird choices. No Indigo Girls? Seriously? None?

    Also, “Fast Car” is a great song, but how can you [generic] call it a love song, regardless of Tracy Chapman’s orientation? It’s a tragic song about the cyclical nature of dysfunctional relationships, and about how the cycle of poverty continues.

    Incidentally, “Baby You Can Sleep While I Drive” is kind of a love song, but in another dysfunctional “here’s your ultimatum” sort of way. It’s basically about drastic measures to hold on to a love that you know deep down is dying. Good song, though. Certainly a better choice than “Fast Car” for this list.

    (I’m reminded of Sting’s double takes every time someone tells him they got married to “Every Breath You Take.”)

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