When I Have Nothing to Say, My Lips Are Sealed

Alive, well, just busy with other writing stuff and occasionally real life too (yes, it exists. Yes, I have one). Go have a good Sunday, people. See you tomorrow.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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“Real Life” A Movie Coming To A Theatre Near You!
Starring A Super-Mega-Intelligent Penguin, A Flying Boat and A Herd of Talking Cats (who don’t mind a bit of mild torture). And introducing John Scalzi cleaning his yard of debris after that big wind storm that blew by.

By rights of Conformity to Scalzian Reality, I can’t write into the “10 Things…” thread and so must venture to ask here for a similar article concerning “Adult Writers”. What advice would you give them? I’m sure they suck too, and want to know how to un-suck themselves. Or is it the same advice, just with the word “Adult” pasted in?

I go and see David Byrne in concert and, next thing I know, Scalzi is quoting him on the Whatever. Hmm, I suspect someone is throwing meaningless coincidences my way, in the vague hope of making my head explode.

Say something once, why say it again?

Ever notice how Psycho Killer and “T.N.T.” are so similarthematically and musically? They are even both in the key of A, although Psycho Killer is in the minor. I figure one is the nerd version of the other.


Totally sound stuff, that.
Something I need to learn, as I often make noise just so I’m heard, not because I actually have anything to say. Why make people think bad of you, instead of waiting till you have something really good? Yep, I could learn from that. I CAN learn from that.

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