Le Chat au bacon

Meanwhile, in France, the newspaper Le Figaro (or one of its blogs, in any event) has discovered Bacon Cat, as our Gallic companions try to make sense of the online bacon obsession.

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  1. Ouch! John, John, if you absolutely need a bit of French silliness, here, at least use real French, please…

    Like that: “Le Chat au bacon”.

    ‘Cause if you say “Le Chat de Bacon”, it looks like you mean “the cat of Bacon”. Imagine a Bacon painting of a bacon-covered cat… The horror!

    Paintings that look like an explosion in a butcher shop are painful. So is pseudo Frenchery.

  2. They of course had the obligatory bacon bra as well, but I don’t know why they thought to bring Monty Python into the discussion — it isn’t spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, baked beans and spam…

  3. But it really would have to be a French blog that dissects the history of the bacon meme – what next Baudrillard on Bacon?

  4. The bacon is even launched. At least it is the opinion of Scalzi, who claimed paternity of the thing.

    Mhahahahaa!!! I love loosely translated text!

  5. Katie’s loose translation:
    “The bacon is even launched.”
    Yes, in French, “meme” is the same as the English “meme”, but the translator took the word for “même” which tranlsates to “even”.
    So the exact translation should be: “The bacon meme is launched.”
    And Scalzi claimed paternity of the meme.

  6. You people are clearly disregarding my pleas to cease and desist any further mockery of bacon.

    There will be consequences!

    -The International Internet Bacon-Abatement Coalition.

  7. Can bacon help repair 8 years of strained Franco-American relations? Should bacon cat be loaned out to Hillary for her diplomatic mission?

  8. “Tout est meilleur avec des bardes de lard fumé.”
    it doesn’t quite roll out of the mouth as easily as “Everything is better with bacon”, does it?

  9. I entered “Figaro Bacon” into Google as a way to get to a “translate this page” option. The first result is “Figaro v. Bacon-Green – Florida Personal Injury Lawyers.” Clearly Figaro is playing with fire here.

  10. Je ne suis pas parlez vous francais!!!

    (Lord, I have NO idea if I spelled any of that correctly, but it’s been nearly 30 years since Junior High French class).

    Wish I could unnerstand what them commie pinko frenchie types wuz saying (snark now off).

    It’s probably something like “Ohhhhh, look at what ze silly English types are doing now” “We must protect ze French culture from zees abomination”

  11. Matt @32

    Maybe it wasn’t a request, but here is how to say it : “Je ne parle pas français.”
    What you wrote can be accurately tranlslated in: “No, I’m not do you speak french”

  12. Oh my God!
    Where’d you FIND this stuff?
    It’s awesome, I love it!
    The bacon bikini is officially sick!
    Sorry to all you boys, but it’s the truth!
    Great example, Géraud.

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