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Vincent Chong is the fellow who has done the artwork for the Subterranean Press limited editions of Old Man’s War and The Ghost Brigades, and as anyone who’s seen the work in those books can tell you, he’s really good at what he does (the above illustration is from OMW). This is why I’ve happily put him on my Hugo nomination ballot for Best Artist.

He’s just now redone his Web site, to make it easer for folks to look around and see his stuff, which aside from the work he’s done for my books, includes artwork for books by Richard Morgan, Joe Hill, Stephen King, Jack Dann and others. It’s an excellent way for you to oooh and aaah your way through your Tuesday, so go check it out.

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  1. What I really admire is that not only does his artwork show that he has actually read the books, but that he understands them as well. At least that’s the impression I got on his site. A lot of the commissioned work on his site looks to be book covers/illustrations. I’ve read more than a few of them and looking at his art, I thought, “Well yeah, that’s totally it.”

    It looks like I’ll be ordering some more prints to keep my framed copy of Jason Chang’s “Zombie Playground”* company. I’m a firm believer of encouraging artists I like by actually purchasing their work.

    * Zombie Playground –

  2. Vincent Chong’s art is amazing.

    Is Jason Chang of “Zombie Playground” fame the “Chang who is Not Chang” of the “Disturbingly Interested in Ghlaghghee” club?

  3. I feel deeply, Scalzi, that you should have Luis Royo paint the cover to one of your novels.

    Just… not some edition of Zoe’s Tale. While I’m sure she’s a moderately attractive girl, she doesn’t need to be posed seductively on the back of a dragon whilst wielding a sword and wearing naught but a pair of tassels.

    But John Perry does!

  4. Ooh, he’s good. His covers of the Dresden Files books are very nice, and I really like his Ghost Brigades cover. Not so keen on the OMW cover, alas – the Covandu aren’t really what I remember OMW for, and it doesn’t really convey the theme of the book in my mind. The training pic, though, for the Subterranean Press interior art? Very good.

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