Finally in my hotel room, roughly eight hours after I was supposed to be here. Travel sucks. But it’s nice to be back in DC.

Now I’m going to bed. See you all tomorrow.


My Astonishingly Bad Travel Karma Continues Unabated

I get to the airport and discover a) the airline self-serve kiosks are down, and b) my flight is cancelled. The first of these caused me to stand in line for an interminable period of time just to hear I had no flight; the second of these caused me to whip out the cell phone and rebook as soon as humanly possible, because there were only 15 extra seats on the next flight, and waiting until I got to the ticket counter wouldn’t help me get one.

In the end:

1. I rebooked on the later flight;

2. Because my flight was cancelled, in addition to a rebooking I got a free round-trip travel voucher;

3. Now I gotta kill six hours in the airport.

So all told, despite the fact I continue to have the sort of travel karma that makes me suspect I kicked adorable puppies in a past life, it could be a lot worse. Also, since I had today specifically as a travel day, i.e., I had nothing on my schedule but travel, this is not as horribly annoying as it could be; I didn’t have to cancel any commitments. And if nothing else, Dayton airport has free wifi.

Mind you, if the next flight gets cancelled, I’m gonna be really pissed. But let’s not worry about that now.

So, how’s your day going?


More Travel

Lopsided Cat thinks he will bar me from leaving the house by cleverly sitting on my carry-on! Foolish cat! As large as you are, I still have impressive lifting power! Which I will soon use to remove you from said carry-on. These are the trials of being a somewhat small mammal, in the grand scheme of things.

Traveling again, so try to carry on without me for the next several hours. I may be back later this afternoon, but then again, I may just blow you all off, because I’m capricious like that. You just never know. However, if you really feel you can’t live, if living is without me, there’s always my Twitter feed, which I will like update at regular intervals because, hell, I’m paying for an unlimited data package on my cell phone, I might as well use it.

Be well; see you later.


Long Odds to Cinematic Glory

What are the chances that your favorite work of literary science fiction will make it to the silver screen? As I explain in today’s AMC column: Pretty darn slim. Sorry. I’m bummed about it too. Take a look at the column and leave your thoughts and comments over on the AMC site.

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