Finally in my hotel room, roughly eight hours after I was supposed to be here. Travel sucks. But it’s nice to be back in DC.

Now I’m going to bed. See you all tomorrow.

10 Comments on “Oy”

  1. Well, thank god. It’s about time you checked in, we were going out of our minds with worry young man.

  2. Hey! Welcome to the area! I’d offer you a beer, but I’m headed out to Philly tomorrow. Lousy timing, but I’ll owe you one.

    Say… waitaminit… you’re not testifying before Congress again, are you? I don’t see it on your appearances tab.


  3. Fah! It’s not vampires, it’s the congressmen in this town (especially, well…nevermind).

    Yes, let’s all buy him beer. And possibly other things.

  4. Hopefully you’re staying at the ever-comfortable Americana Hotel, just off the Jefferson Davis Expressway–they’ve probably got the same furniture as when my family stayed there back in 1998. The beds are well-broken in.

  5. Yes, since we are being completely, inappropriately nosy, please tell us why you are here.

    I’ll take you to the lunch of your choice today, as I’m sure many of your other readers woulda s well.

  6. The fact that you can feel good about being in DC suggests that you are not yet fully recovered from your travel trauma. And, yes, I know you used to live there. Even so, it’s DC fercrissake.

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