What’s “The Scalzi Rule”?

At the Potlach science fiction convention, they’re having a panel about “The Scalzi Rule” — which was a bit of a surprise to me, since I didn’t know there was a “Scalzi Rule,” and if there is one, what it might possibly be. As it turns out, it relates to this, regarding audience participation at SF con panels.

However, Cheryl Morgan says:

You see, this rule seems really quite tame for John. If there is going to be something called “The Scalzi Rule”, surely it should be a bit more, well, ferocious?

Oh, I agree.

Cheryl is opening up her comment thread for people to formulate new and better/bitchier “Scalzi Rules,” so if you want to play along, here’s where to go. To make sure participation goes there and not here, I’m closing comments. So, go on and play, and don’t worry about being nice (to me, that is; be nice to Cheryl, ’cause she’s cool).

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