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Reader Request Week 2009 #4: Procreation

M asks: If we procreate, we doom civilization through overpopulation and depletion of resources. If we don’t procreate, we doom civilization through exacerbating an aging population. What’s a potentially procreative person to do? I don’t think it’s as bad as that, personally. For one thing, personally speaking I don’t think an aging population is a […]

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Reader Request Week 2009 #2: OMW and Zoe’s Tale (and Angst and Pain)

Pwstrain asks: Compare and contrast the pain, angst, and horror of writing, agenting, selling OMW vs. Zoe. Differences in process / time / fear of failure? Just in case anyone doesn’t know (which given the crowd seems highly unlikley), “OMW” here is Old Man’s War, my first published novel, and “Zoe” is Zoe’s Tale, my […]

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Various and Sundry, 3/27/09

A few things rattling about in my head: * Over at Making Light, Jim Macdonald is going into great detail about traumatic brain injury, which is the media’s favorite injury of the last several weeks due to Natasha Richardson’s death of it. For those of you who don’t know, Jim’s an EMT, so he knows […]

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Peter Dubuque

Spare a moment in your day, if you would, for my friend Peter Dubuque, who passed on quite suddenly earlier this week. Peter and I met more than a dozen years ago when we were both part of the alt.society.gen-x newsgroup on USENET, which was my first real community online, and through which I gained […]

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The Recession and Science Fiction Movies

I know you’ve been staying up nights, clutching the sheets in terror, wondering helplessly if this recession thing we’ve got going on is going to mean horrible things for the continuous drip-feed of science fiction films that Hollywood provides to you. Well, relax, because how the recession will affect sf/f films is this week’s topic […]

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Spanish TLC; Strange Horizons Review of ZT

Another Minotauro edition of one of my books, another pretty damn kick-ass cover. This one is for the Spanish edition of The Last Colony, although I note they went ahead and called it “The Lost Colony,” which formalizes in Spanish a common flub of the title in English. I don’t mind. I’ll note that when […]

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