Today’s Less Than Deep Thought Probably Better Suited to Twitter Than Here

Ever notice how similar in appearance a chewy granola bar is to those seed blocks you put out for birds?

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  1. Don’t you think its a bit unsporting to bait the birds with 3 cats? Or maybe yours don’t bring the birds inside and release them alive to watch the food ape chase around like an idiot.

  2. Don’t know if it still is, but back in the seventies Jack in the Box was owned by Purina (Purina People Chow). Personally, I think that most “human” food is pet food with different labeling and a higher price. And don’t even get me started on Soylent Green…

  3. I think birdseed blocks are comprised of smaller seeds than the milled-oats-and-raisins (and occasional chocolate chip) in my usual granola bar. They look more like hamster treats, anyway.

  4. Has anyone ever made any sort of granola / sports bar / meal replacement bar thingy that’s savory and not sweet?

  5. I feel like if I just poured enough liquid marshmallow and honey onto a bird seed brick that it would not only look the same, but taste the same as well.

  6. Right, but the difference, John, is the thin, shiny, glossy high-fructose-corn-syrupy coating on the granola bars… the birds are lucky enough to NOT eat… but it’s so tasty…

  7. Ever notice how you never see Richard Simmons and Sylvain Sylvain inthe same place?

  8. My roommate back in college hated Clif Bars for exactly that reason: they reminded him of hamster food. I’ve always loved the things, but he wouldn’t touch them.

    Two years later, I caught him eating one. He still insists they taste like hamster food, but in a good way.

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