Rachel Swirsky

She’s simply one of the best young writers in science fiction, and I wish more people would have read her by now.

If you haven’t, here’s your chance to start. If you have, then you probably don’t need my encouragement to click through and keep reading her.

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  1. That story has been running through my head, off and on, ever since I read it. It makes me wish for an entire novel about the characters in it, while realizing it’s really quite perfect as just exactly the length it is.

  2. Yeah, cool, sort of like an old time black and white movie with futuristic content type thing. And a whole new person to stalk. Thanks alot Scalzi, you’re my hero. Sort of… okay, not really so much.

  3. Jesus, John, don’t scare me like that! A midnight posting with a person’s name for the title isn’t usually a good sign. Whew.

  4. As a father, and a father who’s suffered a loss, I must say that that is a truly horrible story to read. Not that it’s a bad story, by any stretch; well written, fascinating, etc, but painful as all get out. Which, I’m sure, was something of the intent–a good writer makes you feel and think.

  5. John, thank you for the recommendation. Read, devoured story; cranium exhibits prolonged torque. After I complete current code monkey task, must absorb more of this excellent writer.
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  6. I’ve loved her work ever since you linked to a piece in Subterranean. Gorgeous, as always. I wish she’d publish a novel or anthology or something so I could have her on my bookshelf already.

  7. Anyone who namechecks Octavia Butler as an influence is worth checking out in my book. And that story is astonishing.

  8. John, thanks for the tip. Yes, she’s very good, and I’ll be looking for more stories (and eventually something longer?) by her.

  9. That is a horribly disturbing picture; it looks like somebody’s been infected with the fungus from h*ll.

  10. Thanks for the link. The Tor site isn’t one I’ve explored before and I had no idea they had such tasters in both text and audio format.

    Random P.S. Thought the voice actor used for Zoe’s Tale was brilliant. And no – I don’t just love everything, despite the impression I may be giving in comments.

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