To the Pathetic Toad of a Person Trying to Use My Site to Settle a LiveJournal Score

You had best hope the IP record I have of you doesn’t lead me directly to your door, because you have a nice, hard kick in the crotch coming to you if it does.

Seriously, what the hell is wrong with you? Are you twelve or something? It’s bad enough you’re having an LJ hissy fight to begin with, but to bring it to my site? I understand your intent was to a) out this person on a well-traveled blog and b) establish a Google record tying this person to something you wanted to tie them to. To all of this, I say: Fuck you, you fucking little worm.

This is of course intimately related to a long and to my mind absolutely goddamn pointless discussion that’s been going on over at LJ for the last several weeks, which was supposed to be about something but in which that something has been primarily used as cover for a bunch of people to spend quite a lot of time being shouty to be shouty and being pissy to be pissy. Since it’s happened to involve people I know one way or another, some other folks have asked me why I hadn’t weighed in on it to this point. The reason I haven’t is for the same reason I don’t regularly stick my head into a bag filled with angry, feral cats. The fact that someone involved in that “discussion” got a nasty itch to use my site to settle a score basically confirms my opinion that any actual value that particular LJ crapfling might have ever had (which given its overall execution, wasn’t much) has long since evaporated. And what we have left is people thinking it’s a swell idea to drag their shit into my house.

(Edited to Add: For the LJers and others madly offended by the above paragraph: Like I care. Get back to me when you can have a discussion on that particular needful subject and not bury it and the depressingly few cogent responses about it in six cubic miles of spittle and personal damage. The subject deserves far better than the treatment it got. That is all.)

The comments that have precipitated this particular entry have been deleted, the IP address they came from blocked, several relevant keywords will trigger the moderation queue, and I fucking resent having had to do any of this over something that had absolutely nothing to do with me. As I said, whoever it was who did this better hope I don’t figure out who they are, because what happens when I do is not going to be pleasant for them.

You get no comments on this entry. Comments about this entry elsewhere on the site will be deleted and the people leaving them will earn a trip to the moderation queue until I decide I want to deal with them again. Don’t fuck with me right now. I’m really not in the mood.

(Edited to Add: Follow-up here.)

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