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I Had Nothing to Do With It, I Swear

LiveJournal seems to be down at the moment. I found out about it, naturally enough, by people on Twitter accusing me of killing it with my rage. Which, while amusing, vastly overstates my influence and/or telekinetic powers. Sorry. No, wait. Actually, it’s true. So don’t piss me off. Yes, that’s it. Update, 7:40pm: See? Back […]

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Open Window Weather

Zeus the cat is passionately interested in what the birds have to say to him through the open window, and would like to subscribe to their newsletter. Or eat them. Either way. He’s not picky. In other news, as the title suggests, we have open window weather. Today, at least. Tomorrow, we have thunderstorms on […]

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BigIdeaAuthors.com Icons and Diversity Statement

You might recall that when we announced BigIdeaAuthors.com we used the above illustration of an author as our icon. What you don’t know is that we have some other icons as well, designed to reflect the fact that anyone can be an author, and every author has a big idea. To see the rest of […]

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For Authors: Blurb Solicitation Reminders

Since it’s happened a few times in the last week, a plea to authors wanting to ask me about blurbing your work: DON’T. Instead, please please please read my blurbing solicitation policy here (scroll down), for the correct way to get your editor or publisher to solicit a blurb. Yes, I realize it’s jumping through […]

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Quick Watchmen Review

It was fine. It would have been even better, and possibly excellent, if someone had lopped 20 minutes from it. It wouldn’t have been difficult, since Zack Snyder let quite a few scenes drag a beat (or two, or four) longer than they needed to, possibly from a misplaced sense of textual obligation. Zack, dude, […]

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