For Authors: Blurb Solicitation Reminders

Since it’s happened a few times in the last week, a plea to authors wanting to ask me about blurbing your work:


Instead, please please please read my blurbing solicitation policy here (scroll down), for the correct way to get your editor or publisher to solicit a blurb. Yes, I realize it’s jumping through an extra hoop. Sorry, that’s how I do it. And doing it this way will save you from being offended when my answer to your request for a blurb is to point you to the policy. It’s up on the site in a fairly conspicuous place for a reason.

5 Comments on “For Authors: Blurb Solicitation Reminders”

  1. Well, crap. I was just going to badger you for a blurb for my self-published collection of German bratwurst recipes in decasyllabic quatrain form. (Never mind that email, then.)

  2. Wait — you mean that someone else has published a collection of German bratwurst recipes in decasyllabic quatrain form? Damn, there’s 16 years of writing down the drain. I’ll go slit my wrists with a dull bratwurst now…

    Dr. Phil

  3. Well, at least I can now avoid doing the research I was planning on the German bratwurst recipe book. My family will be eternally grateful, I suspect.

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