Open Window Weather

Zeus the cat is passionately interested in what the birds have to say to him through the open window, and would like to subscribe to their newsletter. Or eat them. Either way. He’s not picky.

In other news, as the title suggests, we have open window weather. Today, at least. Tomorrow, we have thunderstorms on the schedule. Which could be open window weather, if I wanted to get killed for ruining the carpet. I’ll stick with today.

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  1. It’s the best kind of weather….!!!
    Thanks for sharing the picture….
    my cat took all of my photos of her hostage, and she and the toddler are conspiring against my Barq’s

    Have a good one,
    I have been enjoying your blog, found by way of J Mallozzi’s blog.

  2. We had open window weather in MA over the weekend. It has since devolved into gray, cold, sleeting/snowing weather.

  3. My cats make little “meep” noises when they see birds. Mighty hunters they’re not. I think they’ve evolved to be annoying to humans when hungry instead.

  4. Well, how very nice for you. I just had to strap on snowshoes to get the mail. *sigh* Life in northern New England.

  5. As stated elsewhere: Here in Seattle, I’m proposing that we teach children a new spin on the old March comes in like a lion, out like a lamb homily — “March comes in like a Polar Bear, out like a Harbor Seal”

    Because until Spring does finally show, it’s feeling like the feral, murdering carnivore pictured on the link up there!

  6. O Great Scalzi, what a great picture of TempCat Zeus.

    Actually, your interpretation of what He is doing is – as usual – faulty. In fact, TempCat Zeus is waiting with barely restrained eagerness at the approach of Magnificent She. (As do all of us who are not low-brow, uncultured and insensitive Whatever readers – a distressingly low number.)

    Of course, due to your ineptness, She is not actually visible in the picture. We do note that Her Radiant Perfection is indeed illuminating the ground and causing an over-exposure of it.

    If you had simply placed Her into the frame and adjusted your exposure correctly, none of this constructive criticism would have been necessary.

    So now you get to go for the moneyshot. Come on, you know you want to do it.

    The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club

  7. It was snowing here in OR when I got up this morning.

    You know, I never thought I’d get tired of snow. But I think I am now.

    Can we have our weather back now? K thanks!

  8. 60+ degrees here in Denver, same sort of short sleeve, open window weather you’re having.

    And predictions of snow or a snow/rain mixture for overnight and back down into the 40’s tomorrow.

    And then right the heck back up! Welcome to Colorado!

  9. 3″ of snow so far just north of Seattle and its suppose to get down in the teens tonight.

    I’d like to find that overgrown rat that saw his shadow a few weeks ago and make a pair of gloves out of him.

  10. We are just over the line here in Indiana here from you and we have had nothing but gail force winds strong enough to blow Horatio Hornblower’s ass to the moon. I don’t get it? Might be somthing to do with there being nothing between here and Kansas but some barbed wire and a few trees.

  11. Atlanta hit 78, and we get 80 tomorrow. Windows were open all weekend and haven’t had the heat on in several days, thanks to the warming trend.

    By Wednesday we’re supposed to have rain and a cool down to seasonal temperatures (low-mid 60’s).

    OH, and as it’s springtime in Atlanta, we go into hyperactive pollen season about now as well. Last week we had streets white with snow, in a week or two we’ll have streets, cars and everything else…yellow with pollen. ACHOOOOO!!!

  12. Hey, that’s our weather too! Of course that’s our weather much of the year, here in Wine Country ™. I’m glad you have some warm spring sunshine. Enjoy it.

  13. Those of us with cats will, of course, be blamed when the weather turns nasty again. Because it’s our fault for not opening that door into summer.

  14. My cats like to sit at the front door- I call it watching the crow channel. I do wish I could sic them on those mockingbirds that have just started up with the two a.m. singing contests. #@$#%$ sex drives!

  15. We call ours “cat TV.” The front one offers cars and people and a few outdoor cats. The back one is a premium bird and squirrel channel, with an occasional groundhog special in the daytime or late night raccoon show. We go through seeds and corn like crazy, but it’s fun.

  16. Weather update from just north of Seattle @ 4:15 PM
    Sun is shining brightly, sky is a clear blue and snowmen are being built throughout the apartment complex. My cat is looking out the window in a very similar way as Zeus.

    Is it just me or has March been really weird around here the last two years?

    Later kids, I gotta go help with a snowman. 8D

  17. On Sunday when it was 82 in Durham, NC, one of our cats managed to push the other cat out of the second story window. Zeus might want to watch his back.

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