The Funniest Watchmen-Related Photo of the Day (SPOILERS)

Via the ever-awesome Doselle Young and his iPhone.

Due to the photo’s spoilerrific qualities, it’s behind the cut.

If you’re reading this via RSS feed and haven’t seen Watchmen yet, well, I guess you should avert your eyes right about now.

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  1. Holy calamari!

    That’s hardly a spoiler, though. If you haven’t read the book or seen the movie, the marquee note simply seems to be a random bit of nonsense.

  2. But if you have read the comic and avoided all the info on the movie it could be a spoiler.

    I knew about it awhile ago so was wondering how it was changed.

    I am 50/50. I like this ending but also like the other ending.

  3. I agree w/ MichaelC. I had to read it three times to realize what it meant (BYOB isn’t in my dictionary). That was already “spoiled” to me, but inconsistencies between the book and movie don’t effect people who haven’t read it yet. D:

  4. pore squid what did it ever do to anyone… being that it was not there it could not do anything i suppose.

  5. i walked by that 2 hours ago and found it funny. i’m glad to see other whatever followers in the general area.

  6. re #6:
    Considering Rocky Horror ran at that theater for 15 years, I wouldn’t be surprised.
    (now showing at its sister theater around the corner instead)

  7. I….don’t think throwing squid at the movie screen gets the same effect as throwing octopus at a hockey rink.

  8. Agree with 7. MichaelC, having seen neither. Guess I’ll have a good laugh when I do, though.

    Makes me think of a Detroit hockey game more than anything else.

    But thanks for the spoiler alert! :-)

  9. Did you see the “Watchmen re-imagined as Saturday morning kids cartoon” clip?

  10. Let’s be serious though… if they’d tried a crazy mind-squid they’d have run the risk of it looking ridiculous.

  11. I love living in Seattle so much. :)

    Anyway, is it just me, or is Watchmen (the story, at least as far as the movie is concerned – I haven’t read the comic) kinda completely overrated? Sure, Rorschach was great, but other than that – what’s the big deal here?

  12. Ah, the Neptune. Something of a Seattle landmark.

    I saw Star Wars Ep. 1 there.

    Unfortunately, Star Wars Ep. 1 sucked ass.

    As a venue, the Neptune wasn’t half bad.

  13. I agree that I can’t quite see why this is a spoiler: people who read it will be one of the following.

    1. Not read the book, don’t understand what it means (as in 9).
    2. Not read the book, and think (correctly) it means “This film does not contain squid”. That’s not a spoiler! How could that be a spoiler?
    3. Not read the book and think it means “this film is all about squid”. Again, not a spoiler, because it’s not true. Could be puzzling. Like sitting through the whole of “Blue Velvet” thinking “when is the horse going to come in?”
    4. Read the book and realise what it means. Again, not a spoiler – it tells you that you actually don’t know how it’s going to end. If anything it’s an unspoiler.

  14. 3. Not read the book and think it means “this film is all about squid”. Again, not a spoiler, because it’s not true. Could be puzzling. Like sitting through the whole of “Blue Velvet” thinking “when is the horse going to come in?”

    This kind of thing happened to me with The Sixth Sense. (and despite the expiration of the spoiler limit, I will note if you haven’t seen The Sixth Sense, don’t read ahead)

    Anyway, someone said to me “I couldn’t believe he was dead! Oh wait, you haven’t seen it yet. Sorry.” But for some reason I thought he was talking about the kid, not Bruce Willis, and went all through the film waiting for the big reveal about Joel Haley Osment’s character’s death. I completely ignored any clues dropped about the real twist, which made it even more effective, I think, than if I had seen the movie with no preconceptions at all.

  15. OK, trying to avoid spoilers for anyone who stumbled in here by mistake.

    Did no one notice the acronym on Veidt’s computers after he announces when his plan commenced?


  16. A typographic call-out to “lower Manhattan”… Gotta love it.

    I wish the movie had been released closer to the last football season so I could make jokes about “Dr. Manhattan, as played by Visanthe Shianco of the Minnesota Vikings.”

    Even then, nobody would really get it.


  17. Josh @#19.

    Yes, I posted it yesterday over at John’s Spoilers Statute of Limitations entry.

    Thanks, Greg @#33, for passing it along.

    As I stated over on Baen’s Bar where I found it, HvH’s an awesomely twisted, inspired mind.

    It’s a combination of Scooby Doo, the ’60s cartoon Batman, and Josie & the Pussycats/The Archies.


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