The Last Colony Limited Edition Pre-Order

As it has done with the previous two books in the series, Subterranean Press is producing a limited run of The Last Colony, signed by me and featuring artwork by the ever-awesome Vincent Chong, who has turned in some of his best work of the series with this book — and if you’ve seen the work in the limited of Old Man’s War and The Ghost Brigades, you know how much of a compliment that is.

Subterranean is taking pre-orders now for both the signed limited (of which there are 400) and for the boxed lettered edition (of which there will be 15). The limited is $60 and the lettered is $250. The previous two limited editions in the series sold out pretty quickly, so if you’re interested, it’s better to move sooner than later. (And, hey, while you’re pre-ordering, why not also pick up the Metatropolis anthology?)

To forestall the next question from collectors, yes, Subterranean has the limited rights to Zoe’s Tale as well. So it’ll be a complete set at some point.

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  1. The day before yesterday I finished reading The Last Colony (on sale just two weeks ago). As the other two books of Mr Perrin adventures, I thing it´s great, but this opens a problem in my bitter existence, because I want to read more of your books and where I live no other of your books has been edited.

    …So… If neither Zoe´s Tale nor your other creations have not come here yet, I can´t imagine when this limited edition would arrive here (limited is limited after all). Maybe when zombies would conquer the world…

    P.D1: “Where I live” means Spain, so pre-order it´s not an opcion… wait… hummm… maybe I could seld a hand to pay shipping

    P.D2: I am about to open a blog called “The Internets Hates the Internets Who Hates Scalzi”

  2. Almost got me there, I pre-ordered last September, thankfully I checked my old mail and found the order confirmation.

  3. Doh. Much as I’d like to further enrich Subterranean and Athena’s college fund, full time school and part time work have vanquished my shiny budget for the next year or so. Stupid crappy adulthood.

  4. Try this instead, for the picture. At least I’m assuming that’s the picture that was supposed to be linked.

  5. Image still doesn’t work for me. It looks like the link is to an image in a gmail account. Maybe we all have to be logged into your gmail account to see the image? Please post your username and password. :)

  6. Still busted.

    Scalzi can see it ’cause it’s in his browser cache. So what we need to do is go over and look at it on his computer.

    Party at Scalzi’s place!

  7. No image for me either. I think Kelly @8 has the answer why.

    If the image is simply Chong’s cover for TLC, you can see it by clicking through the first link to the pre-order page.

  8. Holy Frak. That image wasn’t there earlier today – it meshed with the music I was listening to and caused saline emissions.


  9. I don’t suppose you take trade ins? I’ve got last year’s model…only one reader…

  10. I find the cover art to be filled with all sorts of awesome. I don’t believe it’s possible to sum up a novel’s plot or theme or whatever in a single picture, but Chong seems to come close here.

  11. Awesome art. Now why can’t they put that picture on the normal paperback edition? :(

  12. Hello

    I just read Last Colony, recently published in Spain. I must say that I liked much more the previous two. Nevertheless, it is still one of the best scifi series I have read.

    Best regards

  13. It’s an amazing cover, although for some reason I think it would have been a better fit for Zoe’s Tale (just a slight somewhat teenagerizing of the two persons necessary).

    That’s what covers SHOULD look like, imho.

    Even if the publisher doesn’t want to spend big on that part of the production – Can it be that hard to find young artists willing to turn in a cover that’s actually got sth. to do with the book for a pittance?
    Or is it sth. else than money that dictates using stock images for covers?

  14. Bought… and after boxing up a bunch of the overflow I’ve got two shelves freed up for new acquisitions.

    Of course, that doesn’t solve the problem of having at least two hundred books unread, and if I took a week off work and watched DVDs 16/7 I still wouldn’t clear that backlog, but such is the stress of modern technology. Maybe, if I develop a cast-iron will, my Eastercon purchases will be limited to teh b00z3.

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