Daily Archives: March 12, 2009

Mary Anne Mohanraj Gets You Up to Speed, Part I

You may recall that rather recently I said “we should be talking about things that are hard to talk about, and race (and the role it plays in sf/f) is one of those things.” And since I said it, it’d be nice if I followed up on that. But when talking about these things, it […]

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My Morning

Will be spent taking my daughter to the funeral of a friend and classmate of hers. I very sincerely hope your morning is going to be better than mine is about to be. I also very sincerely hope at some point in your day you let the people you love know just how much you […]

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Big Ol’ Sun

The clouds in yesterday’s sunset made the sun look about five times bigger than it actually is; this is what I imagine sunsets might look a few billion years from now, after the sun has started its expansion into red giant territory. Minus, you know, the grain silo. For some reason I think the land-walking […]

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Why Video Game Movies Suck

I explain why in this week’s AMC column. The answer is not just “Because Uwe Boll makes them,” although truthfully that is a large part of the answer. As always, if you have comments on the subject, AMC’s comment threads welcome you with open arms.

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