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Mary Anne Mohanraj Gets You Up to Speed, Part II

In her last guest entry, Mary Anne Mohanraj introduced herself and began speaking about race and science fiction and fantasy, concentrating specifically on points useful to everyone. Today, she’s talking on points useful to writers. —— MARY ANNE MOHANRAJ: Part II: For Writers You get to write whatever you want, including CoC (characters of color). […]

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One Week Out From Millennicon

A reminder to all and sundry but in particular the folks living in the greater Ohio/Indiana/Kentucky tristate area: Staring next Friday, I’m guest of honor at this year’s Millennicon science fiction convention, conveniently located in Cincinnati, Ohio. Convenient for me, in any event, since it means I can drive it rather than fly it, and […]

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Apologies, Etc

A meta-note about my walkback of a couple days ago, and feel free to ignore this if like most people all this “me talking about me” crap I’ve done recently has begun to bore you: 1. I’m aware some people think I “caved” by apologizing, but to quote my own damn self on this, like […]

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Wil Wheaton for Alpha Geek

Geek-beloved musicians Paul and Storm are running a contest to see who’s the greatest geek of them all, and after 64 competitors (one of whom WAS NOT ME, hmph), it’s come down to Joss Whedon and Wil Wheaton. And yes, fine, Whedon did Buffy and Firefly and looks vaguely like an alien to me. Fine. […]

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Modeling the Latest in Leprechaun Punk Wear

Don’t mess with her. She’s got a sheep. And I can tell you she’s not afraid to use it. More seriously: Thank you to everyone who has sent good thoughts to Athena in the last week, regarding the death of her friend Tiffany. Without going too much into Athena’s own personal territory, I can say […]

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